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A series I'd like to see continued(read: MILK THIS SERIES FOO!!!!)

Erm...meh first blog post. I was afraid of this, but I guess everyone has to have a first time, eh? I don't expect this to be a regularly occurring event. Anywho.....

After reading the post earlier today about the end of the countdown to Megamans 20th Birthday, I wath shocked. I don't know how, but I hadn't heard one thing about this since...well...i just hadn't. First thing that came to mind was that its going to be an announcement for Megaman in Smash Bros. Brawl.

Then I thought some more and came to a revelation(and hope) that it would be the subject of this post. Megaman Legends 3(also, having played the first game less than 2 days ago didn't hurt). And so I decide to make a small post about why I think they should make another Legends game(and hopefully get it out before the actual countdown ends).

Continuing the Megaman Legends series

I remember that Megaman Legends was one of the first games I got on my original Playstation(the large grey one).

It was a pretty deep game with lots to do(more so than most of the more recent Megaman games, not including the Battle Net series). This game had plenty of sidequests to do in addition to the main storyline, a fairly large world to explore with multiple ruins to raid, a multi sectioned town, and the outerlying areas. It had the most customization of Megaman games even till now(battle net series and Command mission are exceptions), allowing you to customize your buster. You could also find broken parts around the "world" that you could combine with other parts to make items that could augment Megas natural abilities. Parts could also be combined into special weapons witch could also be upgraded.

It controled well enough. You could run foward and backwards(on the d-pad, up and down) strafe(left and right, though it was more like run left and run right) turn(R1 & L1) and lock on with R2, though you couldn't move while locked. The sequel had better controls though, actually using the Analog sticks(well the left one anyhow) and you could move while locked on.

The Island the first game took place on was fleshed out and had a multi sectioned city with outlying areas all around it and multiple multi-leveled ruins(read: dungeons) to explore. It was adventure in the vein of say...Zelda i guess...but with more action...and less puzzles. Number 2 may not have had as fleshed out a "world", but it had more places to it. Multiple islands in the flooded planet and such.

Unfortunately the story up to the sequel has some loose ends, and the ending of Legends 2 has somewhat of a cliff hanger, with megaman stranded, and an encroaching ancient threat awakening(no, not Sigma...I hope...). Throughout the story the characters are colorful, animated, and for the most part, each maintain their own "personality".

And this leads me into my reasoning why Capcom should continue this series. The second game ended with a somewhat abrupt cliff hanger. This led me to believe(at the time) there was going to be a sequel. If I may... FINISH THE FIGHT!!!

Graphically, it seems to lend itself to the more recent sidescrolling Megamans(see above). Megaman himself looks more human with body parts in normal proportion, much like the Zero and ZX series styles, though the Reaverbots still vary in their compositions and maintain a varied look between each type. In short, it does seem like the rest of the series has caught up to Legends. Mostly this graphical speculation is dealing with Keiji Inafune statement of things falling into place first(although I realize that would also include things like resources, and time, ect.).

As far as the controls go, it seems like Lost Planets controls(well...the PC versions anyhow, free look and such) are rooted from how i would imagine a modern day Legends game would be. Of course thats assuming its for PS3/360. The control scheme would need to be tweaked, sure, but the basis is there. If its for the Wii...well...its open season i guess. I'd rather see them work it from scratch in this case.(of course, this speculation of controls is perhaps just my opinion, and others may disagree)

And the last reason...Keiji Inafune, himself, stated multiple times he wants to make the game(this year even). See here: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3161645
and here: http://tgs.gamespot.com/story.html?sid=6179759&tag=latestnews%3btitle%3b3. Maybe all the right people are saying yes to letting him run with the idea.

Anyhow...I guess we'll have to wait untill after the countdown to see exactly what is in store. And go see if you can find a copy of Legends 1 or 2, they are both great games for their time, and still hold up decently now(though, 2 holds better than 1 imo).
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