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There goes the time... RPGs and Puzzle Quests


And once again I won a video game. This time the contest was held by Microsoft. What did I win? Mass Effect for my Xbox 360. Since I wanted to buy this game anyway, I am very happy. The only problem is, that a game like Mass Effect needs a lot of time. As well do Blue Dragon or the story mode of Phantasy Star Universe. And especially my first Xbox Live Arcade game.

Okay, it doesn't need that much time. But it takes the time anyway. Since the release of the DS version is set at 18th of January, at least here in Germany, I got myself some Microsoft Points and downloaded Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. Long story short: This game is as addictive as I expected it to be. Awesome game.

Now theres one question left: What to do with the remaining Microsoft Points? I played some demos and there a two games that got my attention. On the one hand Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, on the other hand Pac-Man Championship Edition. I like the Castlevania games and the PSOne version of Symphony of the Night is already in my possession. The thing is that I can play it on my PC only since the PS2 of my brother refuses to read PSOne discs. And the game doesn't feel that good on a PC if you ask me. About Pac-Man: I started playing the demo, was completely amazed by the graphics and just couldn't stop playing. Even though the demo gives you about three minutes to play, I started it over and over and over.

My question: Which to download? Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or Pac-Man Championship Edition?
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