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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #117 - Rocking Like The Wind


Featuring Chrono Cross and several Folk Rock artists.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

the Chrono Cross (1999) portion of Mitsuda season has finally arrived and what could suit better for opening it up than the opening song, "The Scars Of Time?" :

This is a song that consists of multiple samples and I can offer findings for some of them, some are better, some are worse. The one with the most findings is the main section, but we will get to that.

First we have the part starting at 0:45-0:55

Eleanor McEvoy / Mary Black - Only A Womans Heart (1992). This song from the allegedly best selling irish album of all time revolves around a sample that has a strong stylistic similarity to this portion. I recommend hearing the full song and seeing how much similarity you can find:

Then we have a song called "Blue" by japanese Prog Rock band "Psy.S" from 1986 although they are occasionally listed as folk rock which has this section:

And this song by Tetsuo Saito (斉藤哲夫) from 1974 called "Good Time Music":

Or John Mellencamps "When Margaret Comes To Town" from 1994 where the intro backing has a similar feeling to it:

Honorable mention for Mari Amachi (天地真理) and her version of Nagoriyuki (なごり雪) from 1976:

I close this section with the intro of the song "Anymore For Anymor" by Ronnie Lane (1974):


Then we have the part from 1:06 - 1:14. Funny, here the best match I have is from another videogame, "The Revenge Of Shinobi" for Sega Megadive/Genesis from 1989:

A honorable mention goes to the intro of Anthem's "Show Must Go On" from 1987:


For the part starting at 1:15 I cannot offer that much. A honorable mention goes to "All Fall Out" by the Thompson Twins from 1982:

as well as Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" (1986):


Now for the main dish, the part part that plays from 1:32 until roughly the end of the song. I found a very, VERY large number of songs that have sequences comparable to this one of varying quality, usually found in the backing, so I had to cut down on it a bit. Here we go:

Simple Minds - Once Upon a Time (1985):

Moving Storm - Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette (1981) (I recommend just hearing the song from beginning to end):

Alien - I've Been Waiting (1988):

Golden Earring - Switch Troubles and Hassles (1975):

Golden Earring - Candy's Going Bad (1974):

Free - Wishing Well (1973):

Honorable mentions:

Jackie - Under Fire (1979):

Zabadak - 水のソルティレージュ (1987):

Allied Forces - Triumph (1981):

Phew, now I'm exhausted. But I'm just getting started!

Phil out.

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