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The Hori 'Fighting Stick Wii': Super Short Review


Here's a super-short review because I'm far too busy playing a couple new games I got to write 3-5 paragraphs on a new version of a very old peripheral. So I'm just going to cop-out yet again, make a list and hope you get too detracted by Superman to notice how short this post is. Sorry. I'll try to write something worthwhile soon.

*Turbo available for each button. Just flick the switch for the corresponding button at the top of the stick.

*Works for most 'Classic Controller' compatible games.

*It's a solid, well made arcade stick.

*Excellent rubber grips on the bottom of the case. It will stay in place even on overly-polished tables.

*The stick connects to the WiiMote thus avoiding awkward cord tangles.

*Arcade stick + Neo Geo fighting games = awesome. It's simple math.

*Vastly superior to 'The Shaft' in almost every way you can possibly imagine and for only 10 dollars more.

*Seriously, 'The Shaft' is retarded.

*You cannot navigate the main Wii menu cursor with the stick since it only registers analog control. Hopefully this will be remedied in a future firmware update.

*The 50 dollar price tag may be a bit steep for a system that has very few fighting games (let's hope that Garou: Mark of the Wolves comes to Virtual Console...)

*It's yet another peripheral that will drain your WiiMote's batteries.

*The turbo button gimmick is stale and unnecessary.

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