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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities Classics #20


Featuring McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure and Scritti Politti.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

third classic entry for this vacation, presented by OCRemix chat user LazyGecko (thank you for this).

It features the game "McDonalds Treasure Land Adventure" from 1993, more specifically the song from the fourth stage called "Magical Moon 1":

There is a song by british Synth-Pop band "Scritti Politti" from 1988 called "Boom! There She Was!" which has a beat that is utterly reminiscent of the one in Treasureland:

On sunday we will end the Chrono Trigger portion of Mitsuda month so we can finally continue with the sequel.

Phil out.

Update 20/06/2020:

Appearently the later part of the song

has a strong resemblance to another Scritti Politti song - "Don't Work That Hard" from the 1985 album "Cupid & Psyche":

Thanks for the info Gecko!


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