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Mindseize Review


This reviews probably going to turn out shorter than usual, if only because there's really very little I feel I could possibly say about Mindseize. 

I can't in good conscience say that its a bad game as honestly I havn't played very far into it. Now you can say thats unprofessional and I can't exactly disagree, but for one thing I'm pretty far from a professional and secondly if a game is so bloody bland that I'd rather do anything than play the goddamned thing, that gives me enough information to decide whether its got my recommendation. The start of a game should be what draws you in, either with its characters, world building or gameplay and Mindseize can't do any of this. 

The plot is that the main character, a private detective discovers a conspiracy so the villains who are part of it steal his daughters mind and leave him paralysed so he has to transfer his own mind into a robot suit to fight back and save her. I like this idea but the delivery of it was rushed in my opinion and I realy didn't like the art of the small comic strip expositions, it was just bare in the little details I like in that sort of thing. Thats actually a fairly good summary of the game in general I think. 

At this point if you're making a game in a very old and very often adapted genre like metriodvania, it has to add something new or at least interesting because we've seen the basics done to death already and it's so utterly unengaging otherwise. Despite what originally seemed to be an interesting premise, I just couldn't bring myself to keep playing through the awkward combat and navigating the confusingly laid out world with its unhelpful map. 

Mindseize is pretty far from getting a recomendation from me, but I'm not going to go as far as to tell you to aviod it. If you have more patience than me and dont mind some utterly generic gameplay then I guess you could give it a go. 

- Thanks in advance for any feedback. :)

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