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Want Excellent Mounted Combat? Meet Mount and Blade!

Knights, they really are the medieval gangster, them with their ride-bys...

Mount and Blade


NOTE: If you know this game and haven't played it in awhile, go back to it, the new updates add alot.

Mount and Blade has got to be one of my favorite games of all time. As far as games set back in the day go it's second only to Assassin's Creed in my books. (Yeah I liked Assassin's Creed, so what?) Now let's give you a little taste of what playing it a couple hours in is like:

You're charging in through the trees, peering through for a glimpse of the Steppe Bandits. Following close behind you are the slave traders whose sorry asses you saved from the sea-raiders, you've seen alotta blood-shed with these suckers and they've grown stronger because of it. They're no longer the ratty bunch of club wielding rag-tags you rescued, they're a mounted militia of armored mace-wielding badasses. You see some movement in the distance and clouds of dust, there they are, those bastards. You charge through sweeping a couple of the sunbitches off their horses, leaving them lifeless, that nordic blade, salvaged from an earlier conquest, slick with their blood. As the battle continues your blade, and eventually your sword arm almost disappear entirely under a coat of blood-red as the enemies continues to fall. The battle's over, you've won, you salvage what you can from the enemy, imprison those left alive and ride off to the coastal village to sell the goods and your prisoners.

But that's just a lil' anecdote from my experiences, there's a bunch of different ways to load out and play your character so that you're pretty much guaranteed a unique experience. God knows me and my brothers gameplay experiences were almost nothing alike. Me the reckless general, my lil' brother the careful and meticulous merchant and my lil'est brother the gladiatoral champ.

Anyways, in keeping to the medieval theme of the game, raise your shield and let's get to the arrow-points shall we?

>-> You create a character
>-> You're handed a medieval world at war
>-> Go nuts.

>-> Excellent combat system
>-> Great rpg elements and level system
>-> You can customize your avatara's appearance
>-> Large community
>-> Mod Support
>-> Still in beta, so it only gets better
>-> Multiple factions to work for
>-> Excellent morale system to help you keep your troops happy
>-> Brilliant renown system helps you monitor your fame
>-> You can raise large armies
>-> You can raid villages
>-> You can siege castles
>-> You can single-handedly kick alot of ass
>-> You can gain fortune through trade-routes
>-> You can earn prestige in gladiatoral arenas
>-> You can take your enemies alive and sell them into slavery
>-> Recruit followers from villages
>-> Rescued prisoners will join you in your battles
>-> Excellent travel system for between battles
>-> Large variety in battle locales available
>-> Most customizable difficulty settings I've ever seen
>-> Pretty low system requirements

>-> Graphics are, well you can see that for yourself
>-> It'll set you back $22
>-> It's addictive.

Now a lil video for you:

All images courtesy of Mount and Blade's official site.
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