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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities - Outtakes #11


Featuring Chrono Trigger and several. 

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

another round of Chrono Trigger (1995) outtakes, similarities that were somewhat relevant but not good enough for an own entry.

First we have a section of the song that plays once you have won a major boss battle:

For this sequence, I can offer a song by japanese band ZABADAK, a prog rock band with strong celtic influences. In 1993, they released a song called "Yasumanai tsubasa(休まない翼, "Unresting Wings")" whose main melody is somewhat reminiscent of the Chrono bit:

There is a part similar to the backing of "Silent Light"

in Chico Buarque's "Olha Maria" (1971):


A vague resemblance for the song "Millennial Fair"

in the following songs (which is likely because these songs take irish/celtic influence which Mitsuda is fond of):

Styx - Sing For The Day (1979)

PSY S - Mint Electric (1987)

From a purely stylistic viewpoint, for the song "Undersea Palace"

I can offer a song by german prog rock/kraut rock band "Jane" and their song "Age of Madness" from 1978:

I finally found a place that is open again so I can go on vacation. That means two weeks of classic entries (albeit still Chrono).

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