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Guns and Honor. A gathering of opinions.

So last night Necros posted this blog about a 5 year old killing a bear with a gun. One thing lead to another and I felt the need to make my own blog sharing my opinions on guns, fighting, and what honor has to do with it.

The way I see it, there are people out there, and situations, where you have no choice but to handle them violently. For example: self defense from a mugger, rapist, or dictator government. Weapons make it a lot easier to defend yourself, and guns are a powerful weapon. Sure you could say we would all be better off if no one had them, but we would also all be better off with a personal magic genie. Thats just not going to happen though. And outlawing them would be a terrible idea, because then only the criminals would have guns. (look what happened during prohibition.)

Then theres the question of honor. EternalDeathSlayer believes that a knife fight has more honor (and is also cleaner?) I don't believe in a code of honor like this. I don't believe in Bushido at all. The way I see it, if there is someone doing something evil, the evil must be stopped. If I were to come across someone being attacked and raped in an alley, I would use any means necessary to put a stop to it. If i had a weapon and they didn't, good. They don't deserve a fair fight. When it comes to a point where violence is the only option, why on earth would you want to pass on any advantage you could have. Thats just bad strategy. Most things are not worth getting violent for, but if you have to, go big and get it done quick.

I hope to hear a lot of opinions. Also, if you have a Myspace, you can check out a blog i posted last year about hunting. It got pretty intense.
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