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Hades Review


I held off on playing Hades for a while, as I generally prefer to wait until a game has had a full release before I play it, as I find that if it's not great it can sour me to the finished product, that being said, the fact that an early access game like Hades can be so much more refined than half the the big budget games that claim to be finished these days, is utterly ridiculous. Now I've played almost all the titles that Supergaint Games have released so far and although they are mostly well acclaimed I've never managed to really get into any of them until now. Hades has quite honestly been an amazing time and I think I'll be playing it for some time to come, especially if they keep up the big updates.

It's a fairly simple roguelike dungeon crawler in which you play Zagreus, the son of Hades who has commited himself to escaping from the Underworld, you'll building up your power with each failed escape attempt until you can finally bust out to reunite him with his mother and the rest of the greek pantheon. Storytelling takes a backseat for most of the game as the majority of the conversations are entirely optional, though I'd recommend hearing what all the characters have to say if only for the well written dialogue and the humour, and as usual I'll say as little as possibly about the plot and move onto what I liked about the game.

The hack and slash dungeon crawling is hectic while still managable and is overall enjoyable but, with the exception of a few interesting power-ups and a maybe couple weapons, is nothing anyone won't have seen before if they've been playing games for while. If you'll indulge me a small tangent here, I want to say that at this point I don't think most gameplay outwith VR is going to evolve any further that it already has, despite what the likes of Kojima and Molineux will gladly prattle on about. I like when a company sticks with what works and focuses on making it feel as good as they can and on making the writing or plot as good as possible. 

The characters are definitely the highlight of the game for me, they are all distinct, most of them are funny and they all feel like they have their own lives outside of Zagreus story, I think Miss Dusa is probably one of my favourites, and also you can pet Cerberus, so who can hate a game that lets you do that. It's also really beautiful, both in the world and with the character design, although I think Hades himself is a little overdesigned. It also runs so bloody smoothly, even on my faithful old laptop I only had it slow down in the really hectic moments like the Hydra boss fight, and I can't remember any glitches in my time playing.

My biggest issues is that it can get a little hard to keep up with the action at times, like with the aforementioned Hydra fight for example, and some of the mini-bosses are just really awkward, to the point that if I encountered the Gorgan and Skull-Crusher fight, I was always tempted to just give up on that run than force myself through that fucking trial again. Aside from that and some not so great voice acting in a few characters that is saved by the writing, it's hard to find many problems with Hades.

Hades I think proves that not every game that comes out has to be a massive sandbox designed to waste you're time and mine your bank account, it's relatively small, contained and not to mention well made story that's being added to without chargeing you for the full experiance. 

You should play Hades, its a bloody good game and I'm really looking forward to see what the next few updates can add to a game that I think could already call itself a finished product. 

- Thanks in advance for any feedback. :)

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