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The Contest Log #5


Another Wednesday, another bundle of videogame contests you have a 1/100000* chance of winning! As per mistic’s suggestion I went ahead and added a line specifying which countr(ies)y each new contest is eligible in, unless I didn’t see it listed on the site (but for those you should probably just assume US only), to keep our non-US site members from having to click links and ending up disappointed.

And while it is in no way relevant this Greenpeace video is HILARIOUS and should be watched by everyone.

*Disclaimer: Chances to win may not be anywhere close to the suggested amount. I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Sudden Strike 3: Arms To Victory and a new gaming PC – Eurogamer – Answer a question to be entered, have to register with the site. Only available to European residents. Ends December 14th.

Super Mario Galaxy preorder coin – 1P Start – Write or draw what Mario does to get all his coins and post it in the comments. Ends December 15th. (thanks PacoDC!)

spiffy gaming PC – TigerDirect - Sweepstakes. Only open to US residents. Ends December 18th.

PlayStation 2 SingStar bundle and a copy of Buzz! The Mega Quiz – 1up – Sweepstakes, pick the editor you think will win at an upcoming Buzz! Competition. Only open to US residents. Ends December 19th.

Assassin’s Creed and a 60gb PS3 (the best one) to play it on – AT&T Blue Room – Sweepstakes. Only open to US residents. Ends December 19th.

Call of Duty 4 CE, CoD4 t-shirt, CoD4 hardcover art book, CoD4 official strategy guide – 1p Start – Type a gun sound effect on the contest page to be entered. Ends December 19th. (thanks PacoDG!)

Guitar Hero III (your choice of PS3 or 360 version) and a signed Dragonforce guitar – Eurogamer – Answer the easy question to be entered. Must register with the site to be eligible for entry. Open to European residents only. Ends December 21st.

Tenchu Z, Forza 2 and Spider-Man 3 all for the 360 – FreeVideogameStuff – Sign up for their mailing list, RSS Feed or link back to their site to enter. Only open to US residents. Ends December 24th.

$750 in cash, Logitech 2.1 surround system, copy of Virtua Fighter 5 for the 360 – IGN - Sweepstakes. Only open to US residents. Ends December 24th.

Rock Band bundle for the PS3 or 360 – FutureShop - Sweepstakes. Only open to residents of Canada. Ends December 28th.

WWE vs Smackdown 2008 (360 version) – 360style – Make a one minute long video of yourself acting like an imaginary wrestler. Ends December 30th. (thanks Avid!)

$1000 gift card, Silent Hill Origins and The Silent Hill Experience – IGN - Sweepstakes. Only open to US residents. Ends December 31st.

$500 Amazon gift card and a bunch of possible runner up prizes – CheapAssGamer – For every $5 donated to Child’s Play via their ChipIn system you’ll get one entry in the raffle. Ends December 31st.

Nintendo Wii, Super Mario Galaxy and Rush Hour 3 – AOTS UserCreated – Create a fake instructional video or public service announcement. Only open to US residents. Ends January 1st.

Xbox 360 Elite, 360 VIP Accessory Kit and Halo 3 Legendary Edition – GamesRadar – Sweepstakes. Only open to US residents. Ends January 5th.

DanceDanceRevolution SuperNova2 (PS2), DanceDanceRevolution Universe 2 (360), DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party (Wii) – IGN - Sweepstakes. Only open to US residents. Ends January 7th.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles – 1up – Sweepstakes. Only open to US residents. Ends January 7th.

Panasonic-pt-ax200u gaming projector – ProjectorPeople – Sweepstakes. Only open to US residents. Ends January 21st.

A publishing contract for the InstantAction game platform, a license to Unity Pro with Asset Server, Unity Indie license – GarageGames – Must send in at least a playable demo to [email protected] that contains some sort of multiplayer component. Ends February 10th.

$3000 Velocity Micro Gaming PC and a copy of Crysis – A scavenger hunt where you need to blog your findings. Ends December 20th.

an undisclosed quantity of Microsoft points and Bomberman – Snaileb – Write 80's styled video game rap and perform it live during this week’s FNF. Ends December 14th.

Assassin’s Creed t-shirts, Bunnies Creed shirts, limited edition AC hoodie/shirts – atheistium – Photoshop contest, make some lol-inducing pictures involving Assassin’s Creed. Ends December 14th.

Win a new game of your choice that isn’t more than $60 – Cowzilla3 – Make a donation to Child’s Play, the person with the highest donation wins. Ends along with CP’s donation period.

Chance to win a copy of Capcom Classics Collection Vol 1 (PS2), Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (DS), Mega Man Starforce:Pegasus or Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble (PSP). - Tron Knotts – Pick one of four Capcom characters that you think will be added to Brawl.

Life-sized plush Weighted Companion Cube – Fόnde Razor – Can only be won at Fόnde Razor’s 07 events in Brooklyn and Denver on December 12th.

Xbox 360 and a copy of Project Gotham Racing 4 – Dominos – Order pizza online to be entered to win. Ends December 12th.

PlayStation 3 – Gizmodo – Paint yourself blue and take a picture in a public place, most embarrassing picture wins. Ends December 12th.

WWE SMACKDOWN VS RAW 2008 for the Wii – andPOP – Sweepstakes, have to join the site to enter. Ends December 13th.

an Xbox 360 Elite, Guitar Hero III and a $100 Hot Topic gift card - Total Assault - Sweepstakes. Ends December 14th. (thanks kwaselow!)

Copy of The Golden Compass for the 360 along with various Golden Compass branded merchandise – SlashFilm – Subscribe to the site’s RSS feed and send em an e-mail. Ends December 14th.

Daxter PSP bundle, SingStar PS2 bundle – GoodyBlog – Post a comment in the thread. Ends December 14th.

Copy of Spider-Man: Friend or Foe for the 360 – Parenthood – Sweepstakes. Ends December 14th.

Xbox 360 Elite, Guitar Hero III and a $100 Hot Topic gift card – TotalAssult – Sweepstakes. Ends December 14th.

Drawn to Life – annecarlini – Drawing, you need to answer a question to be entered. Ends December 15th.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock bundle with a guitar controller signed by Slash – AT&T Blue Room – Sweepstakes. Ends December 15th.

Tabula Rasa mouse pad – tabularasaroleplayers – Write some good fanfiction (oxymoron?). Ends December 15th.

Rock Band bundle – MTV2 – Sweepstakes. Ends December 15th.

Win a copy of Flipper Critters for the DS (give it to some little kid for Christmas) – Florida Entertainment Scene – Just send in an e-mail. Ends December 15th.

DS Lite and a copy of Lifesigns: Surgical Unit – Lifesigns-Game – A create your own manga contest. Ends December 16th.

Balls of Fury for the Wii – Just Adventure – Drawing, send in an email to enter. Ends December 16th.

Custom painted Conan-themed Xbox 360 – GamesRadar – sweepstakes. Ends December 16th.

Chance to win a different game every day, most of them being pretty good titles – GameDaily – You need to sign up with the site and leave a comment saying why you should win. You can enter each contest but only make one entry per. Last one on December 16th.

The Golden Compass – MomsMenu – Sweepstakes, have to sign up for some lame newsletter. Ends December 17th.

Xbox 360 and a copy of Assassin’s Creed – Ubisoft – Sweepstakes, need to sign up with the sign to enter. Ends December 17th.

Limited edition copy of Mass Effect and an Xbox 360 signed by the devs at BioWare – AT&T Blue Room – Sweepstakes. Ends December 19th.

Drawn to Life for the DS – Shakfire – Sweepstakes. Ends December 19th.

Halo 3 themed Xbox 360 and a 50’ HDTV – Ziddio - Make a Halo 3 gameplay video. Ends December 19th.

Crackdown for the 360 – TwistedChopper – Sweepstakes. Ends December 20th.

Halo-themed Xbox 360, Halo 3 and a bunch of other games, books and accessories - Fanscape - Sweepstakes. Ends December 20th. (thanks kwaselow!)

Copy of Soul Caliber Legends and a Wii – Maxim – Sweepstakes. Ends December 21st.

PlayStation 2 bundles – StarPulse – Sweepstakes. Ends December 21st.

Custom painted Empire Earth III themed PC, copy of Empire Earth III – GamesRadar – Sweepstakes. Ends December 21st.

A customized PS3 and a SplitFish FraxFX controller – 1up – Sweepstakes, identify some celebrities. Ends December 21st.

Nintendo Wii – Circuit City – Daily drawing. Ends December 22nd. (thanks Adam!)

Enyce customized PlayStation 3 – XXLMag – Sweepstakes. Ends December 22nd.

$250-$1000 – YoYo Games - Design a Web 2.0 game with the theme of “winter.” Ends December 23rd.

A copy of Soldier of Fortune: Payback and an Xbox 360 – 1up – Sweepstakes. Ends December 24th.

a DS Lite, My Word Coach and a set of luggage (?) – SelfConnected – Sweepstakes. Ends December 24th.

an Xbox 360 – Kellogg’s – Sweepstakes. Ends December 29th.

5 videogames or other electronic stuff – Maxim – Sweepstakes. December 30th.

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground for the 360 and DD-66 shoes – Vans – Sweepstakes. Ends December 30th.

Nintendo DS, Bleach: Blade of Fate, Bleach DVD box set, poster – GamesRadar – Sweepstakes. Ends December 30th.

Nintendo Wii bundle – WinningSurveys - Sweepstakes, you have to fill out some lame survey first. Ends December 31st.

Daxter PSP bundle – GamesRadar – Sweepstakes. Ends December 31st.

Custom-painted PC with Unreal Tournament 3 artwork, copy of Unreal Tournament 3 – GamesRadar – Sweepstakes. Ends December 31st.

LCD HDTV, an Xbox 360, a copy of Rock Band, a wireless guitar and drum set and a $250 Wendy’s gift certificate – GamesRadar – Sweepstakes. Ends December 31st.

iBuyPower NZXT water-cooled gaming PC – 1up – Sweepstakes. Ends December 31st.

PC or Xbox 360 custom painted with the F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate artwork and a copy of the game – GamesRadar – Sweepstakes. Ends January 7th.

Win a PSP, a copy of Daxter and meet a WWE wrestler - WWE - Sweepstakes, must be a site member. Ends January 15. (thanks kwaselow!)

Limited edition Stranglehold console, signed copies of the game, trip to Hong Kong – EuroGamer - Create a short film for Stranglehold out of provided materials. Only open to European residents. Ends mid-January.

Xbox 360 – MXGames – Sweepstakes. Ends January 31st.

DS Lite and a copy of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trial and Tribulations – 1up - Sweepstakes, also an option trial thingy you can participate in. Ends February 1st.

Nintendo Wii or iPod Nano – Chaago - Sweepstakes, have to sign up for some lame newsletter. Ends February 28.

Cash prizes and registered UK students are entered in a drawing to win a 360 Elite each month – Microsoft – The 6th annual Imagine Cup Contest, open to all college students. Has nine different fields you can enter with the universal theme being the environment. Entry deadlines vary, but they aren’t until next year.

50,000 Microsoft Points – VUgames – Sweepstakes, you only need to enter once as it saves your entry until you win. Ends November 1st 2008. (thanks Corncobtacular!)

There you go everyone, good luck!
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