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How you met your X (Free because of COVID-19)


We heard a wise man say “try to support your community in times like these”. Our community is the gaming community. Therefore, have we chosen to make the DLC for our dating adventure, Help! I am REALLY horny! into a free, standalone game for everyone who miss… a little too close body contact.

So, if you are up for mixing your own song, dance drunk and maybe solve a murder mystery in your attempts to get laid, then jump into our highly interactive adventure dating game where you color the tale along the way in unforeseeable ways through your choices and your tit swinging inputs.

If you are NOT into games that are a little bit naughty, then don’t check out the game. Here is what a reviewer wrote about the main game to help you get an idea, if this could be a game experience for you:

"Cute and funny game aimed at promoting open talk about adult things. Honestly, I'd like to see this in a sex-ed class. It's a strange level of both maturity and immaturity. Ultimately worth a play." – Batprince

Itch.io page:

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