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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #113 - The Brink Of Folk


Featuring Chrono Trigger and mostly Folk music.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

the Chrono Trigger part of the Mitsuda Month slowly approaches its end and so it is appropriate to comment on a song that represents end like no other: The credits song, "To Far Away Times". Unfortunately, this is a song of many, many samples and finding one takes enough time, so I will limit it to one of those samples today. More specifically, a certain sample that plays shortly after the 2 minute mark:

I think this sequence might be based on a stock sequence from Irish/Gaelic folk of which Mitsuda is a known fan of. Since I found many instances of this sequence, I decided to limit it to some of the better ones:

David Gilmour - Cruise (1984):

Mark Knopfler - The Ceilidh & The Northern Lights (1983):

Stealers Wheel - Star (1974):

Tim Hardy - Lady Came From Baltimore (1967):

And of course the japanese Folk scene appreciated the sequence too:

The Alfee - どうしてこんなに悲しいんだろう (1971):

Nevertheless, I think there will still be some more Trigger before we finally move on.

Phil out.

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