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Just An Update...or a Downdate.


Hello one and all. It's been too long since proper blog flowed from these lithe fingers, so I figured I'd get one on the books.  Nothing too interesting has been going on lately, other than watching people lose their proverbial shit (via television and Youtube, I don't go outside anymore unless its to the grocery store) on account of the Constitionality of the lockdowns here in the States.  It's quite entertaining.

As I don't have anything really important to write about so I figured I'd provide my media consumption landscape as of late.  I'll do my best not to overlap on the stuff I've mentioned in previous blogs.


I think I've had enough Lovecraft for a short while.  I have quite a few other books I need to get moving on, so I finished up this phase Mythos appreciation with Beyond The Wall Of Sleep and Call of Cthulhu.  Both were excellent!  I'm looking forward to eventually coming back and reading some more Lovecraftian horror, and eventually exploring other writers' offerings with the same source material.  Reading from a Kindle-enabled device, my iPhone, is far from ideal...I'm much more in love with actually holding a physical, bound paper- or hardback copy in my hands.  This actually leads me to a lament of the current social situation; I miss the thrift stores being open!  These frugal troves used to provide me with plenty of jewels to add to my literary hoard, for mere pennies on the dollar.  Seriously, as soon as the thrift stores open back up here in town, I'll be sifting through all of that treasure, with a mask and gloves on.

I decided I'd finish up American Gods and then move onto some of the other hard-copy books I have sitting on my shelves.  I'm a little under halfway through with this masterpiece....actually just finished up the part where an international businessman gets face-fucked by an ifrit, or jinn.  The book's been my favorite read thus far of this year, though not because of the salty genie-cum mini chapter.  I'll have more thoughts when I finish (no pun intended).


Hulu and Netflix have been my mainstays here, mostly just catching up on known hits.  I watched the first 5 seasons of Vikings.  All really good episodes, and I think I've enjoyed this series more than I enjoyed Game Of Thrones as a whole.  Ivar is fucking creepy, it's extremely unsettling to watching him slither around on the ground.  And those blue eyes of his are far more terrifying than anything the White Walkers made me feel.  I'm putting off watching season 6 for a while so I don't get fully burnt-out on the series.  For a week or so though, Vikings was ALL I wanted to watch.  

I made it through 3 seasons of The Wire before deciding I'd put that on the back burner for now as well....such good tv.  It deserves better than to be binged, so I think I may end up watching an episode or two a week from here on out.  I don't have too many other thoughts on the show that I haven't already expressed in my copious Qposts from the past few weeks!  

Anthony  Bourdain's No Reservations is a show that speaks to my inner fatass, and plus he was just plain ol' entertaining to watch.  I've watched every episode of every show he's ever made, but I decided to go back and rewatch seasons 6 and 7 of NoRes.  Good stuff, and it always gives me inspiration to suggest something different than the same old stuff for dinner.

As far as movies go, I ended up renting both Mortal Kombat: Scorpion's Revenge and Birds Of Prey.  They were both okay at best; I'm really glad I didn't drop money for the family and I to go see Birds in the theater.  Redbox has proven a boon in recent days!  The Mortal Kombat movie was decent, but really nothing that stood out.  I liked how the anime has taken inspiration from the recent video games and shows the viscera of fileted appendages and mutilated brains..truly, there's plenty of Mortality to be found here.


I don't think I've completed any games lately. Other than Cinders!!  I managed a full playthrough of that game over the course of a couple days.  It's sort of a retelling of the Cinderella story, with some sarcasm thrown into it.  It was my first visual novel experience, and I'm definitely going to seek that type of game out again in the future.  If you've got recommendations, please throw them my way!

I've been playing The Division 2 again, since I ended up buying the Warlords Of New York expansion.  I still have to finish up the Tidal Basin stronghold before I want to venture to NYC again; I just hit World Tier 5, and am constantly upping my gear score.  I want it to be nice and high before I get the Stryker armor set!  I've also been playing a ton of Borderlands 3...I think i'm halfway through the game?  I don't really pay too much attention to the story, though I have taken notice that some of the mainstays from previous games have been killed off.  I usually turn my podcasts up and the tv volum down and proceed to blast through whatever is in front of me.  I'm in a swamp area right now looking for Hammerlock at the request of his boyfriend Jakobs...didn't notice before that Hammerlock was gay, but that's pretty cool.  I'm all about inclusion and representation.  I really should probably try to pay more attention to the characters and the story, but really, I don't give a fuck.  Borderlands to me has always been shooty-and-looty, with the characters coming in at a distant second.  

Except for Handsome Jack.  He was a pretzel that didn't suck.

I briefly re-installed Modern Warfare and gave it a solid go for about a week....until I decided that grinding through the Battle Pass is a massive waste of my time.  Perhaps that's a bit harsh....I suppose I could just refer to it as a massive, mindless timesink.  The battle royale portion of the game was fun for a bit, until I began queuing into games where I'd be one-shotted by an impossible sniper bullet during the free-fall into the map after a successful Gulag win.  The rampant cheating going on in Warzone turned me off to CoD...and I uninstalled again.  Possibly for good, this time.

Other than that I also recently purchased Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  It's like a balm for my soul.

I have to admit that I was highly skeptical at first...but it hooked me immediately with an ungodly ferocity.   Gonna play this one for quite a while, I think.


Hope you're all well and not going too stir-crazy in the current state of the world.  

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