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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #111 - A Folk Epilogue


Featuring Chrono Trigger and several japanese Folk artists.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

today, as promised, I present you several findings for what you might call the other half of the Chrono-Marle song from the Chrono Trigger (1995) soundtrack: The last section of the song "Epilogue" which itself is a mix of the Crono- Marle sequence and new material that gives a strong mood signifying the closure the story:

I found several backings that have a progression pretty reminiscent of this sequence.

First we have the song "Shounen-Jidai" (少年時代 , "Boyhood" ) by japanese Folk singer Yosui Inoue from 1990:

Another sample is from "The Alfee", another famous japanese Folk group and their single "セイリング (Ceiling)" from 1979:

Or how about "Sanatorium" by Sada Masashi from 1979 ( 療養所(サナトリウム) さだまさし) ?:

Finally, we have the song 翼をください (Tsubasa o Kudasai, "Please give me wings") from Kunihiko Murai from 1970. It has a solo that sounds like this:

So there seems to be another strong tendency to the japanese Folk scene in this song.

Phil out.

Update 28/10/2021:

Tomoyo Harada - 守ってあげたい (1983):

I have strong indication that the sequence originally comes from baroque:

Handel - Semele

W. A. Mozart - KV 51 (46a) - La finta semplice

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