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Platinum GameCube rises from the grave with Bioshock in tow @ Amazon today


Don't be mislead by the headline. There wasn't some hole ripped in the space-time fabric that allowed super scientists to find a way to shoehorn Bioshock onto the GameCube. What I didn't know, until yesterday with The Orange Box, is Amazon also throws video games into their "Lightning Deals" section of the "Gold Box." What this is, in case you're confuzzled, is deals change in and out every couple of hours from different departments for maximum consumerism. The catch is, they don't tell you what the product is until it's time for the deal, but they do provide a hint.

Today at 4PM PST the video game deal is going up again with the cryptic hint:
Like underwater adventures? This video game will really shock you.

It doesn't take a member of MENSA to figure that one out, and if you need help, look at the blog title. It doesn't say what platform, so be sure to peep it when the time comes if you, or someone you know, hasn't experienced The 'Shock. That's nothing like The Clap, btw.
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