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The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess (wii)... a review

It's been a couple of weeks since I've finished the game... and I've decided to do a review
for it.

NOTE: Just like any review, this will be my personal opinion. You can trust this opinion
probably won't change, because i have completed the game. don't flame me for saying
things that are all opinion based.

Introduction:This game should definitely not be rented, because you will never finish it
rented, unless you play it non-stop. Just like almost every game, our main character (in
this case, Link) starts off as a very weak person. What I really liked about this game was
that while it kept many of the classic things in zelda, it still managed to successfully
introduce new things into the universe (most of the time).

The amount of content in this game is amazing. At certain points in the game you'll feel
like you're almost done, and out of nowhere something happens that makes you have to
keep going. To me, that was a good thing. I really liked the fact that I had to keep going.
The game took me 63 hours with some of the side quests done. In my defense, I'd like to
say that a couple of days i left the game on for quite a few hours, so you can knock off 5-6
hours. Still, by today's standards it is a big amount of time.


Ok, so it IS the "Link needs to save Zelda from Ganon story again. But this one has much
more depth. I'm not going to talk about it much, but I'm going to tell you that Ganon gets
his power from the Twili, which are a new race introduced in this game. This time, you
don't get a fairy like Navi, but a Twili called Midna, who is trying to save her people from
Zant (Ganon's partner). Basically you have to save the world from going into this parrallel
dimension called the twilight. When you're in Twilight, you are in wolf shape. Eventually
you get to transform from hylian to wolf link, but at the beginning you aren't allowed to.
Midna's story was so interesting that many people want a sequel (including me). I think the
story was actually very well thought out.


Well, since it's a GameCube port, it's gamecube graphics. But I thinkn that they look like
GOOD gamecube graphics. Guys chill out, the graphics didn't ruin the game. The colors
look great. The only thing that disappoints me about is the fact that alot of the time the
sword and Link's hat will have this sort of clipping that makes in look like the sword's
handle is going through the hat, but that doesn't matter, It didn't ruin the game for me.


This plays pretty similar to the other zelda 3dd platformers. The cool things are the sword
slashes that you do by slashing with the wiimote. and using the pointer to shoot arrows and
stuff. The puzzles can get pretty challenging. And the one in the ice world reminded me of
the challenge in the ice caves of pokemon silver. There are these secret skills to learn. You
need to know the first one to finish the game, but I strongly recommend getting all the
others, because you will have a much easier time with them.

There are so many things that are cool about the gameplay in Twilight Princess that it
would take me forever to tell them all to you. My favorite thing to go back to was fishing.

Replayability: You can definitely go back to finish side quests and play minigames

The minor Cons:

-The entire game was flipped so that right handed players would be less confused. Me
being a leftie, that disappointed me a little. It doesn't confuse you at all, but seeing Link
left handed adds to the feel of a zelda game.
-There is a LOT of backtracking to do in dungeons. While it adds to the puzzles, it can get
annoying sometimes.
-Link is reffered to as a "Human" instead of a "Hylian" it doesn't matter that much, but for
me it didn't add to the classic feel
-(This was a plus for me, but some people didn't like it): You're not allowed to change into
a wolf or warp when there is another person there.

That's it!!!

Overall score: 9.1
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