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Movies that Could Make a Great Game:Crank


Have you ever watched a movie and thought yourself, "This would be an awesome game"? I had that exact same thought today while watching my $5 dollar copy of Crank. The movie is essentially a video game that you watch because the story premise and things that actually happen in the movie are far fetched to say the least.

In a nutshell, the movie revolves around a character who has been injected with a lethal cocktail, by a rival gang, which has no known cure and basically slows down your heartbeat until it beats no more. The only way to stay alive is to do things that pump adrenaline into your heart causing it to beat faster. During the course of the movie, our main character gets into all sorts of insane predicaments in order to keep his adrenaline pumping. The writers had all sorts of fun ideas to keep him going including doing illegal drugs, driving through a mall, putting his hand in a waffle iron and even getting someone to send electric pulses through his body. Note the picture below.

In this insanity lies the reason why I think this game would make a great video game. Imagine, if someone had the budget and creative team to just sit down and come up with different ways they could inject excitement into the game in order to keep your adrenaline level high. There could be driving sections that were Burnout like by rewarding you for destruction and speed. Or you could be faced with choices like either you jump of a building to reach a checkpoint or Jackie Chan your way through a series of well placed poles and windows. I mean there's a lot more but I'm not getting paid to think of any so I'll just let you ponder up your own. Keep the game with an open world feel to it and you can do basically anything you want to keep yourself alive.

How would it end? I have no clue, maybe you're searching for a cure for this awful drug. Either way, I think someone could make a pretty compelling game if given the chance. Oh and if you are expecting anything mind blowing as far as story and cinematography goes, you will be highly disappointed. This is one of those great "stop thinking and just watch" movies.
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