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Nintendo: Who Cares About Giving?

It didn't take long for me to find something to write about. Nintendo is talking about the Wii Gift service. It's another rip-off service in which I can waste $5 on a boring game such as Mario Bros. (not Super Mario Bros.) and send it to a friend via their horrific internet friend service. Well, Nintendo, let me tell you why I, for one, will only send ROMs and emulators to my friends over your stupid wasteful service. I'm not a sucker, that's one reason. The other reason is it's going to benefit me, the customer, if I just decide to rip you off and do things my way. The problem I've had with Nintendo's Virtual Console from day one is the price of their games. $10 for a N64 game sounds reasonable until you go to a game store that sells used N64 games, or just check out eBay. I can't even describe how many copies of Ocarina of Time I have collected, including the two disc from Nintendo promos for the Gamecube. And $5 for a NES game is literally taking money out of peoples hands. One of the really interesting shops I ran into while in Knoxville was a shop that had stacks upon stacks of NES games. Guess how much they were? Well, Super Mario Bros. was only $1. That's going to look a lot more impressive to other gamers than a ROM Nintendo lets you download for $5. In Sacramento, CA, when I lived there, I used to go to Dimple Records and trade in my old music (that I ripped previously so I still had the album). With that money, I'd buy boxed Genesis, SNES, NES games for quarters. I mean, it's that cheap just to buy the real thing.

When I first heard of Nintendo's service, I told my brother, "We can quit using emulation for Golden Axe for online play." There were rumors floating around about the games featuring online play, much like Xbox Live does for their overpriced emulated games. That never happened. There were also rumors floating around that the graphics would be enhanced, which wasn't true. Lastly, the rumor that got me excited is that the games would be cheap. Last time I checked, $5 wasn't cheap for a NES game. I'll admit I did buy a few VC games myself. I mean, without them, my channels would look empty. I bought Super Mario 64, Paper Mario, the original Zelda games, Super Mario World, and Donkey Kong Country. The reason I bought most of them is because I didn't know how much the games were. I actually just put a bunch of money down on my virtual wallet and then looked at the prices. Boy was I ticked. I got Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country only because my wife wanted them, and in the end, the woman will always get what she wants.

I honestly think buying these Xbox Live Arcade games (some of them) and these VC games are just ridiculous. I haven't had a problem one with PlayStation's service. I bought Lemmings and Tekken 5 for reasonable prices. I also got Calling All Cars because it's been $5 for a while, plus it was hecka fun. I'm just going to admit it: I prefer "illegal roms" over paid for roms from Nintendo. They're cheaper, they work online (even N64 roms), and all of them have better graphics. Plus, I don't think Nintendo is going to be releasing games like Star Fox 2 for SNES to the VC public, much like I can play using a good emulator.

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