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Portal ending parody: GLaDOS never looked so dementedly cute


I知 sure that for many of us that played through Portal, the constant commands/instructions/warnings/musings/death threats from resident AI GLaDOS added a lot of color to the otherwise lonely atmosphere of Aperture Science. Granted, even without the well written dialogue it still would have been a wonderfully designed puzzle game but would have surely lacked much of the witty charm that helped endear it to our cold gamer hearts, hardened by years of derivative FPS experiences and poorly realized movie games.

I知 also sure that most of us became at least a little miffed at her towards the end of our portal-hopping adventure as she repeatedly denied our attempts at freedom (the most fundamental of human wants) and instead tried to delete us from the hard drive based reality in which game characters reside. However, any inkling of animosity I might have bared towards her was instantly abolished once the credits began rolling and 全till Alive, the best song to have played during the credit sequence of a first person specific puzzle game ever, began playing. Scott Ramsoomair, the guy behind VG Cats, must have been particularly touched, because rather than immediately downloading the song and listening to it over-and-over again for hours on end he created this positively adorable flash video (after having surely listened to the song for even more hours on end) of a singing, text emoticon reminiscent GLaDOS, to accompany the lyrics. Even if you haven稚 played Portal I壇 still recommend giving it a watch, because like I said, its just so goddamned cute.

Also, Churchill: Too soon?

[thanks Faith!]
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