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Stay Home


I honestly didn't know where to put this seeing as how I'm not really the type that's into social media. No IG , forgot my Twitter password and Facebook is for meme collection. 

Today we buried the matriarch of my family . She had no children of her own ( my mother's aunt ) but she literally raised my entire family of siblings and cousins at one point or another. We lost her to COVID 19...she's lived through segregation/ civil rights ,  the housing projects of Cabrini Green and was a tough ole broad . She couldn't beat this....

  She was in a retirement home and they began Social distancing a little too late.  The point i just want to make is , STAY HOME. Essential workers like myself have no choice . We have to go to work and I'm sure anyone if given the option would rather be home with family. We're all gamers on this site. Go for that 100% in Re3 remake like my wife is currently doing. That back log you always complain about? Perfect time to go digging through that.  If you don't need to be out there , stay home and explore tons of worlds and locations right from the comfort of your own room.

I want to be able to continue to debate Xbox vs Ps , steal...I mean collect your funny memes. Let's get through this so we can joke and argue about it later-


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