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Destructoid and Kotaku : two different editors' ways of handling mistakes

There's been a lot of talk about journalistic integrity recently. To me, it's not just about editorial independence, but also about dealing with errors and corrections. Let me pick on two recent examples where a video game blog editor made a minor error in a story, and how each one handled it.

First, our own Hamta CTZ Aziz. The original post title erroneously referenced the "Hollywood Writer's Strike": Castlevania movie on hold due to the Writer's Guild strike.

Here's how CTZ dealt with this small mistake.
(12/09/2007 00:12) IceMax says: its technically the writers guild strike, not the Hollywood writers strike :).

(12/09/2007 00:14) Hamza CTZ Aziz says: IceMax: Haha, good point. Thanks.

I noticed three things. First, he acknowledged it. Second, he caught it within two minutes of someone pointing it out. Third, he fixed it.

Second, Kotaku's Mark Wilson. I like Mark, and I like his work. But I was a little surprised at a story Kotaku ran today, Time Announces Top Ten Video Games of 2007.

Next to a block quote containing the Time list, Mark wrote that "The list has all your big players, but no love for COD4." However, COD 4 did make the list at number 6. I can't show you the exact error, or Mark's response; the erroneous text has been removed, and his response is (as near as I can tell) nonexistent. Because I can't tell when the correction was made, all I know is that it took at least 45 minutes and about 10 commenters pointing out the error. That's still quick, but not Ninjtendo-quick.

Realistically, this is a miniscule deal; editors make small mistakes like this all the time. Nobody's perfect. And Kotaku has publicly owned up to some recent high-profile errors; I don't know what their policy is for smaller mistakes. But I think the way in which these small, non-material errors were handled says a lot about the two different mentalities behind each writer -- and behind each source.

So thanks, Dtoid, for keepin' it real. Don't you ever change. Stay sweet. Have an awesome summer!
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