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My Fighters They Are Little. Also, Excellent.

Now this game's pretty old, and fairly popular so there's a solid chance you've already played it, but if you haven't, shall I introduce you to:

Little Fighters 2
Cuz the first one's fail by comparison


Alright so.. BAM! Let's start this off by telling you how this is probably one of my more favorite and most played games I've talked about so far. I can't count the number I've times I've been crammed around one keyboard with my brothers duking it out in versus mode or plowing through the beat-em-up campaign. Either that or calling trash-talk across the room when we'd LAN it up.
Little Fighters 2 is essentially a cross between your standard beat 'em up and Street Fighters with a healthy dash of shrink-ray. The game is done in 2D with a relatively simple combo and special move system which makes it a decently fun game for pretty much everyone regardless of your mastery of the 2D fighter arts.
Controls are comprised of Block, Jump and Attack buttons along with four keys for movement, and combos are usually comprised of two buttons and a movement direction. This means you can generally figure out most of a fighter moves by trial and error by following the formula Button + Movement Direction + Button. However some characters have some slightly more complex attacks, as well as different modes, for instance under certain conditions you can have two specific characters run into each other, explode and become a whole brand new character. (Which of course leaves one dude totally out of the game because only one player gets to control him.)
However to help balance out the easy special system they've added in a sort of mana system. Each special move you do requires mana and you only have so much mana which can be restored through the use of potions that will randomly fall from the sky.
There's also the occasional weapons, health potions and objects that will randomly fall from the sky.
Oh and if you're technically and artistically inclined there's plenty of resources on the net on how to make your own characters, stages and items for the game as well as plenty of other user-made characters, stages and items to download and choose from.

Now if you'll prepare to shoot off screen to reload, cause we're about to fire off a whole clip of bullet points.

-You are a fighter
-You are little
-You are 2D
-You can bust out specials
-You can use weapons
-Your specials are limited by mana
-There are other fighters
-Sometimes the other fighters are human opponents
-Sometimes not so much
-Your objective: Kick they're collective asses

-It's free
-Small file size (13MB)
-Solid visuals (Except for the HUD and menus)
-Simple special system everyone can get into
-Plenty of game modes
-Co-op and versus modes
-4-player multiplayer on one computer
-Up to 8-players on LAN play
-Controller support
-Plenty of characters, items and stages included
-Decent variety in characters specials and play-styles
-Even more characters, items and stages online
-Pretty low system requirements
-Large variety of versus modes
-Campaign beat-em up has good enemy-pacing
-Campaign beat-em up is also solidly long

-Sounds are kind of weak
-Simple special system may leave some players wanting more complexity
-Only supports two controllers on one computer at a time
-May be too cute for some
-Ugly HUD and menus

A lil' gameplay for ya.

All screenshots courtesy of the official Little Fighter 2 site
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