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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #102 - Memories Of A New Dawn


Featuring Breath of Fire 2 and folk/christian music.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

I decided to move this entry one day ahead because tomorrow I will be busy entertaining family due to the holidays.

Today's topic is the song "Memories" from the soundtrack of, again, Breath of Fire 2 (1994):

Appropriate to the season, my hypothesis is that the melody is rooted in a certain type of Folk-based christian music. This fits with the general theme of the song, as it plays during a sequence from the more happy childhood of the protagonist as a son of the priest of his hometown Gate. As first evidence for this, I present a rendition of the hymn "いつくしみ深き" ("What a Friend We Have in Jesus") by japanese folk singer Ryoko Moriyama. According to this page (and the CD-cover, I checked) it was released in the year 1993, roughly around the time development for Breath of Fire 2 should have started.

Nevertheless, the true melody is presumably older. There is a song by chansonnier Jo Akepsimas called "Aube nouvelle" (New Dawn). It was hard to make out a certain date for this one but I could make out CDs as early as 1975.

This song is part of the official catholic church music canon btw.

There is more evidence of the folksy roots of the tune. For example, here is the song "Slow Dancing With The Moon" by Dolly Parton from 1993. I also think she started making christian music at some point so the pattern fits twofold:

A little oddball for the finish: The song "Now And Always" by the english pub-rock band "Rockpile" (1980). Then again, they are also listed under Rockabilly so maybe this brings it slightly back to the track:

Ok, one more: In the beginning the song also has a resemblance to the beginning of the song "Ever True" by Juice Newton (more Country) from 1982:

And that's all I have to say about Breath of Fire 2 for now! Happy egg searching!

Phil out.

Update 15/11/2020: Another interesting Addition. "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" a 19th century christmas song with unknown composer:

Update 21/12/2020: Another interesting addition: "Hochzeitsreigen", a waltz by Paul Lincke from 1905.

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