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Camping Dtoid-Style ( and in Holland ;-) )

Already since 2001 a special Event is held in the North of Holland where thousands of gamers come together for 11 days of what can only be described as utter gaming madness...

I'm talking about Campzone!

What once started as a fun experiment with a couple of hundred gamers has grown into a multi-thousand-multi-national gaming-event. I've been there twice for the full 11 days, once for 4 days due to my work and last year I sadly had to miss the event completely due to my working-career :-(

For next year however, I want to go all-out again, And I'm inviting you all to join me to create a (hopefully) big multinational Dtoid division, because you'll see, this event was designed for us...

Ok lets start of with the basics... 1

1. Its in Holland ( so you know which plants are legal ( 18+ only!!!! ), and legal drinking age is like 12 or so :-) )
2. It's Open-air (you just get a piece of ground, you're supposed to provide your own coverage, unless you rent an army-tent which will then be ready made when you arrive)
3. Generally there's about 2500 to 3000 gamers residing on the camping at any given time during the 11 days, resulting in about 15 km of fiberoptical backbone and an obscene amount of UTP-cables
4. Booze and lots of it!!!!!

just to give you all an idea of what to expect, here's some pictures, after that I'll explain my plans / info for the 2008 edition... enjoy!

then again, that's not all that bad...

So, anybody interested in joining me ?

so this is the website (ding!)


but since they are Dutch, they refuse to put decent English on the page, so basicly its useless for you guys :-)

Price for 11 days is about 150 - 200 euro for Campzone without rental of tent/tables/chairs...
tents vary in price depending on size off course so I'll see about that when we get an idea how many people will join in... the tent we used to use is incredibly strong and big ( can easily fit 20 people ) since nobody sleeps in the main tent generally ( otherwise it blocks others from doing stuff ) you have to bring something to sleep in as well, tent is more then enough!

then there's food... the dutch are generally not really known for their great culinary arts, however, I'm from Belgium and we're great at stuff like that! ( Plus we have the worlds greatest beers! )

So if you're REALLY interested AND are able to join us from 25th of july untill the 4th of august ( or anything in between, passes are available from day to 5 days or 11 days but 11 days is the most interesting off course :-) ), drop me line -> tehLair and_Now_that_Funny_little_thing gmail and_a_dot com (yeah the name is from my gaming-lounge, that you can check out in my previous post :-) )

Hope you all made it this far reading, tried adding some nice pictures to loosen up the text a bit ;-)

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