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Gamestop, I work there v3

Just a few quick tips.

Apparently, the Gamestop warehouse is out of pink DS Lite's. This might just be a northeastern thing, but if you were planning to get one you might want to pick it up soon because it looks like these could go rare. Maybe.

Or if you were still trying to find a Zelda/Nintendogs bundle check at you're local Gamestop cause apparently less people bought them from us than other major retailers.

If you buy a DS Lite at Gamestop you can get up to 3 used DS/GBA games for 30% off (40% if you have an edge card.) I'm not sure how long this promo goes for though :-(

Crisis Core for the PSP is in our pre-order books now. Poor PSP has such a small list.

Ok thats about all thats interesting. See ya later.
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