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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities - Outtakes #8


Featuring several Mega Man Xs and others.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

my health is still not that optimal, nevertheless I will use todays entry to pour the rest of the Mega Man X barrell over you:

Mega Man X (1993):

Zero's Entrance:

Q5 - Steel The Light (1985):

Mega Man X3 (1995):

The Dr. Doppler theme has a snippet

that vaguely resembles a snippet from the Raiders of the Lost Ark them (1981):

Mega Man X4 (1997):

An electronic sample from Akina Nakamoris "October Storm" (1984)

that somewhat resembles the beginning of the Cyber Peacock stage:

And so Mega Man month FINALLY comes to an end. Of course that doesn't mean no more Megaman entries...I just ran out for the time being.

Will the next month start on sunday? I don't know yet. Maybe something else as a breather.

Phil out.

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