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Gender roles. Because you are too manly to play Barbie Island Princess and too girly to play Metroid Prime. Whoa what the-

This is what's fucked up in our society today. Gender roles. What is the bullshit blasphemy you ask? It's when some ignorant motherfucker comes up to you and asks, "What's a good game for a girl?"


Now I'm 21. I've lived through my childhood the manly way. Ok, no not really. But I've been raised to learn and appreciate that both sexes can do anything and be anything. Take that how you like, fruitcake.

Anyway, if you've read my previous blog entry(and if you haven't, please take the time to do so, as it this is an on going series of why working in retail sucks), you've already read my post on ignorance and why's it's so damn successful. Now today, I'm going to talk about gender roles.

At the age of 5, I knew nothing about video games. Thinking it was a once in a lifetime toy, the first video game I've played was Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Playing as a manly plumber to rescue a damsel in distress from a giant turtle, I hopped, bopped and squeezed Mario's fat ass through pipes, underwater caverns and the occasional random, fire infested castle. This eventually started my gaming life, per se, as I grew up playing games(which is why I'm here in the first place).

Over the years I've seen some real marketing bullshit. Usually of the licensed variety. It's gotten pretty bad; so bad that the entertainment media is divided by blue and pink.

Why did I explain myself playing Super Mario Bros.? Because it's a simple game that anyone of either gender can enjoy. Fast forward to today, where morons need to have their video games color coded to determine who can and can't play it.

Let's take for example, Super Princess Peach. A video game that has turned the tables and reversed the gaming psychology of damsel in distress around. That game stars the blondie Peach, in a "hop n bop" adventure to rescue her "love", Mario. Now that may sound sort of gender neutral until you look at the game's bright, pastel colors and emphasis on different "vibes" Peach can use during the game. Translation: see mood swings. I mean, the chick can cry, feel happy and be on her mensuration period in less than 5 minutes. Why did Nintendo do this? Why have they ruined a well designed potential platformer to cater for girls? Is it that bad that gamers have to be divided up by whether they have a penis or uterus?

Other examples would be the whole barrage of licensed bullshit. Hot Wheels, Barbie, Disney nonsense. It's very unpleasing when I tell people I like the Kirby series, only to be told that he's pink and looks like he's catered more to a girl gamer because of it's cutesy graphics. Sorry bitches, I'm not stuck playing intense WWII shooters, decapitating everything I see in sight or more reluctantly, playing sports games like Madden.

Point in case, I believe that anyone can play whatever game they want. But unfortunately society has it set as where pretty much only guys play games(not true) and girls are stuck in shopping malls, salons, and gossiping about some guy she wants to suck off(sort of true).

I've known girls to play video games(and no they're not fat, obese, ugly, etc) who actually took time to understand. That's all it takes. One simple step, to understand what to do. It's not that hard. But most people fail to do that, because remember, if it's not pink, starring Barbie, Bratz or ponies, it's definitely not for girls!
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