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Apex Legend Ability Adjustments


Been awhile I posted it at EA Answers here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Legends-Feedback/Apex-Legend-Ability-Adjustments/m-p/8823176#M6617 but i'm also going to try here.

Anyways Apex Legends… I never would of thought I would be writing for Apex but my friend kept saying I had great Ideas so I’ll give it a shot hopefully it isn’t ignored like my other project was on a completely different game. This is Primarily for Legends I don’t really care about guns or the Meta I’m a Casual, my limit in Ranked is Platinum but I’m gonna have fun. I am not going to be a robot if you don’t want to hear my opinions skip to the abilities but the reasons behind the changes you will miss out on.


<(Legends)> I will be Upgrading/Balancing every Legends abilities. I am not discriminating based on Tier either if I see something that can be improved or something’s too strong I’ll make changes accordingly. I am a Bloodhound Main so look at his changes closely I might be biased and give him too much though so I’ll do him first. My secondaries are Caustic, Crypto and Octane so keep an eye on them as well. I made the (Low Profile) perk the same as (Fortified) but in the opposite way 5% isn’t much but 15% made a difference, Wraith is small and hard to hit so it should make sense. Mirage and Wraith need a new class type they both have some Recon and Escape abilities I don’t know why they are an offensive class no abilities deal damage but I can understand Octane being offensive. Let’s get started about 4k words.



<(Bloodhound)> The only true legend that wasn’t a in a lab, was a lab rat to be tested on or created using technology or in the military. But he does use technology now to improve his tracking abilities. They were always excellent trackers he’s a Recon so I can’t give him that much offense but I can improve his tracking skills and make him more of a team player cause right now if you don’t have a Mic and don’t have an angle in time to ping threats your team can easily be flanked because unlike Crypto only you can see tracks. With these changes nobody should be able to hide I tried to keep him as Recon as possible he’s a Recon that can stay on the front lines opposite of Crypto. It’s tough to be a good Bloodhound as a team player he’s a lone wolf most the time.


(Fix)-(Tracker) This can be confusing because you’re not sure where exactly the enemy went it got a timer buff to 90 seconds though. Footprints should face in the direction they were moving so it’s easier to find them other than finding the freshest tracks based on the timer by the time you do find them and they know you wasted too much time trying to figure out and they probably setup already in a building. If you can see enemies through a window you should be able to directly ping their location or if you scan them you can ping exactly where they are or tracks you could see through the building. Honestly anyone should be able to ping them directly through a window it’s a window why not? Crows should fly in the direction of enemies more reliably if there are multiple teams nearby they should each fly in the direction of that team and the number of crows determines how many teams there are.

(Fix)-(Eye of the Allfather) The scan I hate using unless I’m in a good spot or they know where I am already it blows up my position. Don’t let enemies see the ray they were scanned from just alert them that they’ve been scanned. Scanned enemies and tracks should stay scanned for 5 seconds than what feels like 3 and if you scan in the open it should reveal enemy tracks within range so if you lost the trail it could help and allow tracks to be pinged easier with the extra time within a building. Also decrease cool down from 35 to 25 Seconds should make it so much better. I do not like the new range it has, that should only be available while using his Ultimate you can scan all of Sorting Factory right now basically it’s that huge now.

(Fix)-(Beast of the Hunt) While active any enemy Bloodhound Pings, Scans or deals damage by any means to should be marked like Crypto’s drone for teammates to see throughout the whole duration so they can’t even hide. When marked in this mode Bloodhound and teammates should deal 25% extra damage to them. It’s hard to see exactly what legend your fighting in this mode if you can make it easier to identify them and some crouch which confuses me sometimes cause I thought they were knocked and he’s color blind to shields and knockdown shields as an improvement. The 5 second buff to knockdowns is extremely useful in the right situations.



<(Octane)> He’s always been a fun Legend for me to play as I love his personality easily my favorite legend in the game but his play style just isn’t me. I am going to boost his mobility even more he’s going to be very annoying to hit and if you gave him grenades he’s going to be a problem you can’t exactly keep him away if you don’t have a Caustic, Wattson can stop grenades with her Ultimate but Gibraltar is probably the best counter to him. I would give him (Low Profile) but if he’s damaging himself to increase speed I don’t see the need to.


(Fix)-(Swift Mend) This should heal twice as fast if he hasn’t taken damage from his (Stim) or by any means after 5 seconds.

(Fix)-(Stim) Allow this to continuously damage you like a level 1 or 2 ring so he has constant speed at the cost of health so he has to rely on shields more often but makes him a hard target and negates weapon movement speed penalty even when scoped. This should also be quieter it’s really loud use your tactical again to cancel it. Cannot use heals or recharge shields while active.

(Fix)-(Launch Pad) Allow anyone to strafe in the air after launching off his jump pad so you can land back on it to bounce up and down and not be such an easy target.



<(Wraith)> Again I don’t care about Tiers she has so much potential she’s getting buffed for everything but health. She’s an escape artist not sure why she’s an offensive class no abilities deal damage. She can do what she does even better.


(Fix)-(Passive)-(Low Profile) Increase damage taken from 5% to 15% same as Fortified so Legends actually have large health differences.

(Fix)-(Passive)-(Voices from the Void) If someone’s targeting you give some feedback from the direction you were aimed at. Instead of only sensing traps allow her to also hear if the enemy is healing nearby or badly injured. Maybe even point out what legends are on that team?

(Fix)-(Into the Void) This is easily tracked down cause you leave a trail you’re not completely invisible and you can’t see the real world clearly at all or enemies. Allow her to go completely invisible and can be cancelled early to pop up again and allow yourself to see the actual world and enemies better so you can get behind enemies and traps breach all their defenses and take them down from inside.

(Fix)-(Dimensional Rift) During if you use her (Into the Void) she can pass through walls or ceilings if you’re looking directly at one on activation since she’s literally punching a tunnel as she says to get the team inside buildings or around mountains if the ring is in a really bad spot. But only one wall or mountain I don’t want you to get trapped inside so just instantly make a gateway inside with this if you do probably will need a 50% distance penalty to balance it. Since phasing is now invisible you should be able to pop a portal behind them easily.



<(Mirage)> I love this guy but he does not do at all that his name says he should do. He’s a Holographic Trickster but only sends out holograms of himself he has so much potential everything’s getting buffed. He has like no abilities he is the worst Legend right now. He should have Shadow Clone and Transformation Jutsu.


(Passive)-(Encore) If you are attached to your squad you should be able to send decoys of your squad to locations instead of just a single decoy of yourself to actually make things look busier than solo landing. Only send out a decoy if someone uses a finisher on you not immediately on knockdown or you can use your tactical to activate it in whichever direction you were moving or not move and look around if you didn’t move.

(Fix)-(Psyche Out) Alright nobody is ever falling for this move I’m making a lot of changes to this. There should be the option to send 2 clones at once or if held gives you a wheel to morph into another Legend momentarily for about 10 seconds you cannot attack but gives you a 50 health shield once it’s up or you take 50 damage you turn back into yourself. For example if they see a Caustic running into a building they might think twice about chasing you or vice versa if you turn into Bloodhound and chase enemies. Clones sent should not move in a straight pattern make them randomized so they aren’t so easy to tell and has 50 health if they take damage they should look around like real players if you click on the ground or a surface like it should stop and look around. Decoys should be able to activate traps, open doors and supply bins to make it even more convincing. They can even activate Caustic Traps or Wattson Fences.

(Change/Remove)-(Vanishing Act)-(Roundhouse Party) I think Wraith is the only one that should be able to actually go invisible he always wants to stand out so this move should make sense. Again like Dummie’s day out event during the Grand Soiree It should make clones in a circle but further apart mimicking your movements and using your tactical teleports you to a random dummy or the one you have your cursor on so if you do shoot you can switch places should last 10 seconds total each dummy has 50 health so you can’t just spray in a circle with a machine guns and knock them all out in 1 hit. This should be very effective for movement if the circle is spread out a lot or really messing with 1 opponent won’t know who’s the real one but what they do know is it’s Mirage. I can see this easily trolling the final member of a squad a lot. Probably should take 1 to 2 minutes to recharge. If you want to keep the original move don’t use any decoys just cloak if I see a bunch of Mirages in front of me it just gives away that you cloaked and I’m gonna watch my back and the ground for foot steps.



<(Bangalore)> Everything about this character is fine impossible to hit if you keep shooting at them but their ultimate is really easy to avoid it’s the only thing I would try fixing. For me this is the hardest Legend for me to fight I can’t see in all that smoke plus the movement speed increase but Gibraltar is probably tougher 1v1.


(Fix)-(Rolling Thunder) Since Gibraltar’s is focused artillery let hers do less damage but cover a wide area of the map explodes on impact for maybe 20 damage don’t stick there it’s too easy to avoid and there’s always usually dead zones with hers. To offset maybe you should take damage too though. I just don’t understand how missiles from that high up don’t explode on impact. It’s only good for slowing enemies down if the rings closing right now. You may have to decrease their area range though.



<(Caustic)> He’s another one of my mains I think he’s peaked nothing I can change that will make him better but I suppose his gas is bad for teammates. He is really Toxic for teammates he’s a solo Legend right now his team has to stay away or it’s going to slow them down and they can’t see. He does his role really well Trap them in or keep them out he’s a really easy Legend to play.


(Fix)-(Nox Gas) Enemies in his gas should be visible to teammates, their view could be improved but most other Legends don’t have his mask anyway and enemy gas should be a different color cause it’s really confusing maybe purple? But the slowdown effect should always affect teammates or that just wouldn’t be fair.



<(Gibraltar)> He finally got his shot to shine but it’s too much compared to Caustic he’s too strong now. I would play him but not the way he is right now. He basically lands with a purple shield cause of (Fortified) plus that (Gun Shield) Fighting him 1v1 is a bad idea gotta get around that shield and flank him unless you’re gonna shoot his legs or head. He’s a big target but he’s really good at sniping because of that (Gun Shield).


(Fix)-(Passive)-(Gun Shield) Based on the armor you have the shield should be stronger so it’s not a free 75 off the drop. 25 no shield or regular shield, 50 with Blue, 75 with Purple and 100 with Gold should regenerate overtime or with Wattson’s Ultimate. Uncharged upon landing should charge by 5 every second it’s not in use. This is both a nerf and buff if you look at it the right way it’s gonna be weaker to start off but the better shield you have the more damage it can absorb.

(Fix)-(Dome of Protection) Too strong this should take up to 1000 damage before being shattered as it takes damage it should start to crack. This should only be able to be broken if surrounded honestly why is 1 squad gonna waste all their ammo on a shield that last like 15 seconds? I guess you can lower the time it last based on damage taken it’s still gonna take a lot to break this.



<(Lifeline)> She’s really solid but abilities aren’t that effective healing teammates is too slow and it’s not even enough for a whole squad. If she didn’t have the Revive Shield she would basically have no abilities like Crypto without his Drone she automatically has a low tier gold armor perk with her faster healing and shield passive. She wasn’t bad but could be improved and live up to her name literally.


(Remove)-(Passive)-(Low Profile) Can’t be a Combat Medic if you go down too quickly.

(Fix)-(Passive)-(Combat Medic) Allow her to automatically have a Gold Knockdown Shield so she can self revive that can only be used once enemies cannot pick this up from her death box though. This maybe bad though since everyone that knocks a lifeline down will try and finish them but it’s something I think she should have. Also should revive teammates with 50 health since she does have the low tier gold armor perk this will be the Backpack If she also has the Backpack should revive with full health and shields.

(Fix)-(D.O.C Heal Drone) Remove the tubes and give this a large aura around it to heal up to 250 health throughout the duration so you don’t have to fight over health as long as your near it everyone gets healed. If you need instant health you can hit the button again for a larger heal that destroys the drone but heals all allies within range for 50 health or if shot.



<(Revenant)> He does what he does if played well but he is not exactly the hunter the assassin I thought he would be he’s too slow at doing everything and his Tactical doesn’t really suit him he’s getting a lot of buffs. Based on his trailer he was severely over hyped to me he just isn’t as deadly as he looked there. This to me is the ultimate sweat character with his ultimate you can chase an entire team get shot down and not actually die? He’s a Synthetic Nightmare but he is not a ghost he’s a Robot don’t understand.


(Fix)-(Passive)-(Stalker) Allow him to climb twice as fast it’s easy to shoot him while he’s climbing up a high wall or mountain. While running towards an enemy increases his speed by 30% but you must be running in their exact direction does not increase if you move sideways or backwards. It doesn’t have to be straight there is leeway diagonally or you’re just going to get shot down. Every movement he makes that isn’t reloading, healing or using an ability should also be silent you should never be able to hear him.

(Remove)-(Low Profile) If he’s going to be rushing you down like that with his passive having less health defeats the purpose. He’s not that hard to hit I mean isn’t Pathfinder already a large target but has the penalty because of his mobility? Wraith is just really tiny.

(Remove/Replace)-(Silence)-(Mark for Death) This should look the same but increases damage enemies take by 25% for 10 seconds instead of locking abilities the Legend below would fit that better. His movement speed increases based on the amount of enemies marked by 10% can stack with his passive you cannot run away from him now but you can try and hide. Just hope he doesn’t have a Bloodhound on his team.

(Fix)-(Death Totem) This is not as strong as it could have been based on his Event Fight or Fright. This should have unlimited range but only last 15 seconds. While in Shadow Mode you make no sound other than reloading and shooting healing is disabled by any means and you can now climb walls faster and higher. Movement speed and melee attacks are doubled and you can only shoot and melee attack abilities are disabled. You can cancel shadow mode by using your Tactical. Now he’s a threat you can go fully into shadow mode like the event and there’s only so far you can travel in 15 seconds Abilities are disabled so Pathfinders and Octane’s cannot travel faster than anyone else. This can be used to rush down a team or make an escape since you’re so fast now.



<(Crypto)> He’s the Defensive Bloodhound probably the most team based Legend in the game but he needs to be able to support his team better than he already can from the shadows. He is a hacker so I’m going to make him a Disabler and buff his Drone. His new Tactical should be the game changer honestly not the changes to his drone the buffs that got is more for the team than himself.


(New)-(Passive)-(Low Profile) Since he’s almost never on the front lines he should take 15% extra damage if he is found and since it’s always a 2v3 situation because he’s using his drone this will reduce his clutch factor. Whenever I play Crypto I give my team better shields on purpose because of that very reason.

(Fix/Change)-(Surveillance Drone and Drone EMP) I am fusing them into one Ability since the EMP cannot be used without his drone anyways. His Ultimate should be available immediately so he can use his Drone but the EMP should still take the same amount of time to charge. Also his Drone should be able to pickup and carry 1 item from buildings to bring to his team and be able to ping loot even check death boxes with it since he can grab banners with it anyway. He can’t carry everything cause their gonna see a purple shield in the sky why would you not shoot it down. This frees up a slot for a new Tactical.

(New)-(Tactical)-(Deactivator) Throws a grenade that deals no damage but stuns like an Arc Star destroys all Tactical traps and prevents Legend Tactical and Ultimates from being used for 10 seconds has a 35 second cool down. This should be able to infiltrate and destroy things like Caustic and Wattson traps or even a Gibraltar Dome of Protection. Has a long cool down so use it wisely basically a smaller EMP. Only an actual EMP can destroy Ultimates this is basically Revenant’s (Silence) but on the right Legend this time.



<(Pathfinder)> He does everything he’s supposed to do extremely well I wouldn’t change anything he’s like the Perfect Legend. Good Pathfinders win games with ease if they actually scan for the ring and get the team high ground instead of taking on entire teams alone with all that mobility you can’t exactly catch a pathfinder he leaves like no tracks after flinging himself into the air. Only thing he is bad at is going inside a building you can grapple and pull someone out but should never really go inside. I think he fell out of top 3 because Wattson, Gibraltar and Wraith are better late game while he’s good for positioning early game late game he can’t do much.


(Fix)-(Low Profile) Again 15% damage taken increase from 5%.



<(Wattson)> It’s either you’re a good Wattson and use her abilities or she sucks. When she first came out everybody thought she was bad but now is a game changer when used right. Not a beginner pick at all.


(Remove)-(Low Profile) No escapes and has a very weak early game doesn’t need this honestly was only added because of her tier now to those that know how to use her.

(Fix)-(Perimeter Security) You should be able to deactivate fences so they don’t see the bright red fences from far away then once they enter activate them to trap them in with you probably by holding your tactical to put them down then hold it again to put them up. Their only clue would be if they can spot the transmitters on the ground, have a Bloodhound or if your Ultimate is active already and they can hear or see it. Now you can actually trap them in instead of only out it’s a minor change but should be another game changing move.

(Fix)-(Interception Pylon) Should recharge shields twice as fast it takes forever right now.


The Legends are now done I am going to make a list of Squads that fit really well based on my changes by type. Offensive: Revenant to rush down and has access to Shadow Mode, Bloodhound to track and Octane to get there even faster Pathfinder could fit that role though but he can’t stay in combat as long as Octane could.

Defensive: Gibraltar for his shields, Wattson for additional fences to trap them and Lifeline for healing.

Support: Lifeline for healing, Gibraltar for shields and Bloodhound to warn for threats.

Recon: Pathfinder for high ground and scanning for the ring, Crypto to search for loot and find enemies from far away and Bloodhound to assist in finding tracks while on the front lines.

Flankers: Wraith for portals or breaching enemy defenses, Mirage to confuse the enemy and set off traps and Crypto to disable enemy traps and stun.

Trappers: Caustic to prevent them from pushing your building, Wattson for fences stunning them inside the gas and recharging shields and maybe Revenant to increase the damage they take or Bangalore with smoke to hide the gas and once they try and escape Airstike around the building should finish them off or keep them inside.

Well Rounded: Bangalore for cover, Lifeline for healing and Pathfinder for positioning and escapes.



<(Bonus)> Stuff not involving the Legends.


<(P2020)> Everyone should drop onto the battlefield with at least a P2020 and 40 reserve ammo why would you drop into a battlefield with nothing but your fist?


<(Gamemodes)> Should be an option for Solos, Duos and regular Apex at anytime not just events and allow us to play on any map we want the options been there before this gives more variety and not being forced to play on maps you don’t like for me personally I prefer World’s Edge before it got destroyed but I liked Kings Canyon after it got destroyed.


<(Hop Ups)> I am not balancing guns I really don’t care and this is not what this was for but these Hop Ups are a problem. This maybe controversial but I would remove all Hop Ups and only have 1 firing mode for all guns. It’s not like they haven’t removed hop ups before. To get a Hop Up it should be reserved for Golden Guns since they’re rare anyways. Personally I just don’t use them cause the original is usually better anyway and make certain guns obsolete. I will give examples Double Tap G7 > Hemlock, Selectfire Prowler > R-99, Precision Choke on both the Peacekeeper and Triple Take is just a larger bullet to me since it’s focused. Only ones that actually change your gun completely is a Selectfire on a Havoc which is what the Charge Rifle should have been, Anvil Receivers is basically making your gun into a Wingman and Hammerpoints are just deadly if you’re really good with your Primary. Golden Guns should probably only be found at Hot Zones, Gold Bots, Vaults, Trains, Supply Ships and Care Packages since the Devotion is now there for some reason I loved that gun with Caustic and Octane but I can never find it now. There needs to be a special type for each gun type right now I think it’s only Sniper, Shotgun and Light AKA “Heavy” Machinegun. No Pistol or Sub-Machine gun. This will make true gold weapons like the Kraber and Mastiff a lot rarer as well.


<(2nd Tactical Abilities)> I’m not sure if this game could use this but right now you only have a Passive, a Tactical which can usually only be used once a fight and an Ultimate that takes forever to charge on its own for certain Legends. I can only think of a few but not for all Legends so I just left it out for now. Plus this might be touchy if only a few had extra and the others did not it wouldn’t be fair to me and fairness is top priority.


<(The End)> Well that’s it thanks for taking the time to read this hopefully these changes to the Legends and Hop Ups/2nd firing modes being removed will actually make people use them and a lot of slept on guns out there like a Hemlock normally it’s better than a G7 Scout in every way mid range and the Prowler in burst mode probably deals the most damage in a short time span in the game seriously should try it out. Go ahead and drop feedback not sure if I’d change anything though this was for the developers and the people not necessarily me. If I did do a sequel would have to wait on more Legends to be added but there has to be a cap at like 20 or its overkill.


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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