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Oh, What Might Have Been


The Nintendo Playstation

With the auctioning off (winning bid:$360,000) of what might be the only remaining prototype of the Nintendo Playstation, which was a version of the SNES that would support game discs as well as cartridges, one can only wonder what the console landscape (and the video game industry in general) would look like if the partnership between Nintendo and Sony hadn't failed. Would Microsoft have gotten into the console business earlier? Would they have partnered with Sega? Or Atari? Would Halo exist? Would the Mario vs Sonic rivalry still be the biggest thing going? Alot to wonder, I know. Just imagine a world where the Metal Gear series was still a Nintendo property. Try to think of what the Jaguar or Saturn would've been like with Microsoft providing the software. How different would the online marketplaces for each company be (if at all)? Would the fanbases of each company be so loyal that console exclusives would be the rule, instead of the exception? Imagine only being able to play The Elder Scrolls games, for example, on Nintendo's, or Sega's, or Atari's console. Would consoles be the most popular platform to game on, instead of PCs? Would MMOs exist, and would World of Warcraft be on consoles? In the end, the Nintendo/Sony partnership failed because of licensing disagreements, Sega got out of the console business because of how disastrous their launch, and support of, the Dreamcast and Saturn was (same with Atari and the Jaguar), Microsoft and Sony became the leaders in the video game industry, and Nintendo became, for the most part, an afterthought. Still, looking at the picture of the Nintendo Playstation, you can't help but think, "Oh, what might have been".

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