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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities - Outtakes #7


Featuring Mega Man 7, Megaman & Bass and several.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

today I close off Mega Man original series with a number of outtakes from Mega Man 7 and Megaman & Bass.

First we have the Wily boss song from Mega Man 7 (1995), more specifically the beginning of it:

I think this is a standard note sequence from prog/thrash metal. Some examples:

Akira Takasaki - Tusk of Jaguar (1982):

Anthrax - Gung Ho (1985):

Steve Hackett - Slogans (1980):

On the other hand, we have stuff like this:

Duke Ellington - Exposition Swing (1937):

Next is a section from the Cloud Man stage theme:

I think this is based on a standard backing from 80s pop rock. As example I have a sample from Eddie Money's "Boardwalk Baby" (1988) (note: Listen to the piano in the background closely):

Alternative: 38. Specials "If I'd been the One" (1984):

This section from the Spring Man stage

has a distantly similar structure to the guitar backing in .38 Specials "Caught Up In You":

Finally I have have an excerpt from the Mega Man & Bass (1998) Magic Man stage:

That reminds me of a sequence from Akina Nakamori's "雨が降ってた (Ame Ga Futteta)" (1989):

Note: I wonder if both songs evolved from Franz Liszt's "Liebestraum" (1850):


And this finally brings Mega Man original series to and end for now. The next weeks I will do a little bit of Mega Man X to bring Mega Man month (or rather season) to a honorable closure.

Phil out.

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