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User Created Demos and WIPs To Keep An Eye On In Dreams On PS4.


This is my first blog (and the first of what might be a weekly thing) where I will list some of the newly created games made by people in Dreams on PS4 that I think have the potential to become something really good. This list will only include original games, even though there have been some impressive remakes people have done. I'm working on a game of my own right now, and, after realizing just how much time and effort that has to be put in to make a game, I have a greater respect for the designers and programmers who have made the games I have enjoyed over the course of my life. Here's the first list:

Kaz's Kwest

By: Kaz_risk

 A fun little platformer that you'll want to play over and over to see if you can beat your previous score.

Spider Gwen

By: Spiderboi04

Another platformer with some of the smoothest controls of the games I've played


By: Catatonic-cat

Pretty fun adventure type where your broom and learned spells are your primary weapons

Magic Forest

By: pagan_geek2513

An adventure game where you play as a kid running around in a forest. Another game where controlling the character went pretty smoothly

Mountain of Odin

By: egggs22

An adventure game based on Norse mythology with some nice visuals.

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