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Band of Bloggers March 2020 Theme


We're finally past February and we're about to hit a wave of anticipated video game releases. You know what else the new month will bring us? A new Band of Bloggers theme of course. What do you mean that isn't as exciting as DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing

Video games are a lot of things, but one of the most simple descriptors is fun. Games are fun, even if they are also lots of other things as well. Have you ever gotten through a super fun portion of a game and thought to yourself that nothing that happened made much sense, but wow it was fun? Sometimes in the pursuit of fun games leave things like realism and beleivability behind so that the player can have a more enjoyable experience. Sometimes games will let you shoot a rocket at your feet to give you a jump boost instead of killing you, because it's fun. Sometimes games will let you slow-mo punch tank artillery to redirect the blast back at the tank, because it's fun. The theme for Band of Bloggers in March will be Rule of Fun.

I'm not talking about basic game mechanics here. Respawning to continue participating in a multiplayer game doesn't make sense if you're trying to be realistic, but there also wouldn't be a game without that, so I don't think that follows the rule here. I'm talking about when things get ridiculous. In Uncharted 4, was the chase scene through the city, eventually culminating in Nathan Drake hanging from a rope attached to a car over a bridge, managing to hold on as he crashed through boards the whole time, while still shooting at bad guys even remotely realistic? Not in the slightest, but it was over the top fun, so who cares? When Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2 faces an army or heartless alone and manages to single handedly beat that army back, we were way to enraptured by how awesome and fun that whole segment was to question if Sora could have actually done something like that, or be bothered by the fact that most of that huge army really didn't try to fight back. 

For this month's Band of Bloggers, think back on some of the most over the top segments of your favorite games. Where did you have the most fun? If you can, go back and play through that section again to make it more fresh in your mind, and then write a blog about it. Be sure to include "Band of Bloggers" or "BoB" in your blog title so we can know to look for it. Tell us where games broke free from their usual constraints because they wanted to be more fun. Talk about the hypest moments you can remember when playing a game. I look forward to seeing what moments you can come up with.

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