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Inflammatory Blog Title To Catch Your Attention


Hey Folks,


It is I, Rico. And I have a proposition for you. This won't be like the last proposition you got, nay, I won't be splayed out nude in front of you asking where you placed the miracle whip. This also won't be like that one time we went to Disneyland and wandered into the staff area of Splash Mountain. Honestly I'm surprised you brought that up. I never thought we'd get the smell of that particular splash out of our clothes.

[The Disney staff bang in the backrooms of Splash Mountain if you were unaware. Allegedly.]

  Nope, what we are talking about today is in reference to my Twitch channel and my desire to have you be a part of it. I like to play basically anything. There aren't really genres out there that I find repulsive when it comes to what I'd categorize as real games.

So what is a real game?

  That's a great question! I'd quantify a real game as any video game where the chief goal is to satisfy the game player rather than the pocket book of the game's investors. So pretty much any game that isn't a mobile game will count. I'm also mostly excluding asset flips and other scamware that flooded Steam. I make this stipulation only because I'm not really interested in playing something that amounts to a thinly veiled cash register with a sub theme of "Video game".

  Ok, you might be thinking, that's cool and all but why are you telling me you like all games and then pointing out that you don't enjoy mobile games? Well that's a pretty good thing to think about since I've buried the lead in this post!

Tell me what to play!

  I want to play things that you would be interested in wathcing be played. Either because they are fun, because they are hard, because they are great, or maybe even because they are bad. There is no limitation here. If it is a really old game I will either purchase it or run a totally legal super fun time rom of it. If it is a newer game and affordable I'll buy it. My video game collection as is is pretty large once we include things like steam and my totally 100% super ultra legal couple terabytes of alleged 'backups'.

How long will you play the game I want you to play?

  This is a great question! You are really good at this. I feel like we should work out more interviews in the future. You've got true talent. But I'm digressing, I will play the game(s) you choose either until I beat them or until they beat me. This isn't to say I'm suggesting you ask me to play boring or difficult games but I want folks to know I won't necessarily play a terrible game forever.

  I'm less looking to make memes and more to see what is out there! So definitely tell me what your favorite games of all time are. Like did you know one of mine is Jurassic Park for the SNES? No? Well now you do.

  When will you play them?

  Oof! Hitting with a hard one at the end there! Well, naturally I have a life, job, all that other frivolous stuff that comes part and parcel with adulthood. However if I have any passions in life they'd be working out, playing video games, and making software. So it seems reasonable to take one of those passions and make a cute little hobby out of it.

  Currently my "Pick a Game" days are Friday and Saturday. At the moment I'm playing Shadow Tactics because Lawman likes to watch me stab people and hide their bodies in bushes. I don't make judgment calls on his interests I just play the game. However if there is a day that works best for you then suggest it alongside the game. I live in PST so that'll also be important to know and I work Mondays through Fridays. So naturally any weekday play will have to be after work for me.

  Otherwise I'll be posting all my gameplay footage up on YouTube as VODs and will catalog them somewhere.

  I have no idea how well this'll go, or how interested folks are in it, but I'm very curious to play things that I wouldn't otherwise have noticed. If I can say any one particular positive thing about GamePass it is that it has opened my eyes to a half dozen games now that I'd have otherwise missed. These have been some of the best experiences of my life. So I'm hoping to basically transform that explorative GamePass experience into something of a human driven one.

  Alright, that's all I got. If you'd like to participate leave your comments down below. Once a month I'll post something similar to this reaching out to the Dtoid community for more things to check out. As for the order I'll play I'm guessing random but it might also come down to what I've already got, cost, and things like that. But genuinely don't feel too limited. I'll try my best to find a workable solution for games from the past.

  Goodnight and I hope you have a good week :).

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