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the end of my extended 22nd birthday celebrations

In a few days a whole month will have passed since I turned 22, but thanks to my geographically distant friends I had yet another set of birthday presents waiting for me on the east cost!

With help from a Pigin I flew over to NYC last thursday night to attend a couple of nights of Blipfest which was pretty out of this world. Envision for a moment a mass conglomerate of nerds, geeks, hipsters, and old people all simultaneously bit-bumpin' and beep-boppin' to 8-bit tunes. After some face-kicking crowd surfing and a little sweaty nerd moshing later, I was pretty exhausted. Hally, Nullsleep, Bubblyfish, and Bit Shifter were by far my favorite performances.

So that was my first gift, amongst a few others. Chico snagged me a sweet limited edition box set of the Crescendolls from Daft Punk's Interstellar 5555 along with the musical, and a swanky wireless mic for my 360. For myself, I got my hair done short in Brooklyn and picked up a few more dudes for my toy collection, including a cow print [email protected], and a sweet Lucky Dunny.

And thus, I think my over-extended birthday has now come to an end. Alas.
(But then again Christmas is just around the corner ... bwuah hah hah)
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