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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities - Outtakes #4


Featuring Mega Man 3/4 and several.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

to round off the Mega Man 3 series, another set of outtakes that are related to Mega Man 3/4 songs but were not large enough to justify an own entry.

The first one is from english post punk band "Magazine" and bears the title "The Great Man's Secret" (1981). It has a passage, that is somewhat reminiscent of a passage from the Snake Man theme:

Then we have the song "Angel" by country rock band Poco from 1974 which has a section resembling the beginning of the Shadow Man theme:


Then we have a song named "Pipe Dream" by 60s Blues band "The Blue Magoos" that has a stylistic similarity to the Mega Man 4 ending:

Then we have a song by folk musician "Dave Bixby" called "Drug Song (1969)"

 Which resembles a section from Mega Man 4s Wily 2:

And Mega Man month goes on next sunday!

Phil out


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