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A Bunch of Games I Played (and sometimes finished) in 2019


Yes, I know, it’s 2020 now. And it’s not just 2020, it’s February… I’m super, super late. I never expected it to be this crazy, but it really has been one whirlwind of a year for me. I’ve been through a lot, learned so much, and (hopefully) grown as a result. Despite the trials and tribulations, I think I came out of 2019 (and the decade in general) in pretty decent shape, sort of. So, I really want to take a look at all the games I managed to cram in this year, whether I finished it or not, and share a few thoughts on each title. 

  • Devil May Cry V (Finished - 15+ hours played) - It was between this or Resident Evil 2. I’m gonna be honest - it was that opening cinematic that sold it for me, and I don’t regret my decision one bit. Seeing Nero beat down a ton of demons while a van flew slow-motion in mid-air to some sick beats was badass as all hell. And that’s exactly how I felt while playing the game - it was so much fun!  
  • God of War (Finished - 30+ hours played) - I played God of War during a time where I was starting to get depressed about some things, so I ended up taking a day off. I planned on being productive and getting my stuff together, but I ended up just marathoning God of War to the end credits instead. Maybe not the most productive thing to do, but was it worth it? Absolutely. It’s a magnificent experience.
  • AI: The Somnium Files (Finished - 30 hours played) - As a big fan of the Zero Escape series, I was excited for a brand-new story from Uchikoshi. I was not disappointed - while it definitely is more comical than the Zero Escape trilogy (which could be silly in its own ways), this definitely takes it over the top. While some fans might be put off by that, I thought it was hilarious. It featured the familiar mind-bending logic as Uchikoshi’s previous games, with twists that felt so smart to experience. I was hooked the entire way through and played til 5 or 6 in the morning just to finish the game because I couldn’t stop. Great, great game and I hope more people play it. 
  • Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (Unfinished - like 10 hours played) - One of my first Switch games. Even when it came out in the 2000s, Vesperia’s always been on my radar, and I definitely enjoyed it. I want to go back at some point, hopefully.  
  • Katamari Damacy Reroll (Finished - 10 hours played) - Also one of my first Switch games. I was super enthralled as a kid by the original PS2 version I played at my older cousin’s house, but I wasn’t good enough at the time to progress any further. Just had to fight the controls every once in a while, but I got a super unique, fun, and quirky experience out of it. 
  • Kingdom Hearts III (Finished - 40+ hours played) - Man, I have so many mixed feelings about this game. I loved the adventure and the Disney worlds, but the actual plot felt back-loaded into the last third of the game and I really, really don’t like the ending. Also, they really messed up by not having reaction commands, in my opinion - it created so many defining visual moments for the series and it was just...gone. I’m going to play ReMind and reserve final judgment until then, but as the conclusion to a saga that’s over 9 games long and over 15 years in the making, this was pretty disappointing. Also - random aside - these kids have some dry lips. Gosh dang. [Update: I played ReMind and while it improved the ending slightly, the storytelling was still not good and the actual cost-to-content ratio is not worth $30 imo. Kingdom Hearts III stays a pretty underwhelming game.] 
  • Death Stranding (Halfway, I think? - like 25+ hours) - This is such a weird game, in that I don’t know if I can actually recommend it to anyone. This is a very particular game for particular people, and for me, I definitely had a great time. It just felt so relaxing after work to just turn on some music, sit back, and deliver a package across the United States. I’m going to get back to it once I finish my move. 
  • Pokemon Crystal (Finished - not going to count how much I’ve played this one because it’s a lot) - A goddamn classic that I will always hold near and dear to my heart. I wrote about it in my previous blog, and my opinion is still the same - it is one of the best games, period. The golden rule still applies for this older RPG, though - save early, save often. Too many times have I closed my 3DS and totally forgotten to charge it...
  • Link's Awakening (20+ hours played)  - It was a really, really amazing experience, with a brilliant story that I’ve written about here, actually.The art style is brilliant, but it was a real shame that there wasn’t much new content in this remake (also, the FPS drops were really bad at times). I don’t think I can recommend getting it on Switch at $60 when you can get the original DX version on 3DS for a 1/10th of the price (at like $5.99), though. Link’s Awakening as a whole is a must-play experience and truly a classic, though.
  • Yooka-Laylee (Unfinished - like 5 hours) - I only got to the third world (the swamp one), and I’m not sure if I’ll pick this back up or not. Yooka-Laylee really felt like a throwback honoring the legacy of N64 platformers. Problem was, it carried a lot of the issues the older titles had, too. Little-to-no pathfinding, more archaic story and gameplay, loose controls. As fun as it could be to explore, there was a noticeable undercurrent of frustration throughout a lot of my game time. It’s just classic to a fault, which makes it feel more like an anachronistic time capsule more than anything.  
  • A Hat in Time (Started - like 1 hour) - So I actually wanted to do an analysis of platformers so I studied both Yooka-Laylee AND A Hat in Time. And I gotta say, I was pretty hooked from the get-go, and it was honestly kind of refreshing going from Yooka-Laylee to this. You really feel the genuine passion and appeal that came from the developers to make something that respects the older titles but still modernizes it, and I had a great, great time. I’m definitely going back to this one at some point in the future. 
  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Still playing - 15+ hours played) - I haven’t played an Assassin’s Creed since a little after III came out. The conclusion to Desmond’s story was pretty underwhelming, to say the least, which was disappointing after the amazing Assassin’s Creed II. With the Rebel Collection, I was pretty excited to get into what a lot of people call one of the best Assassin’s Creed games, and I haven’t been disappointed.
  • Sega Genesis Classics (Do you finish this? - like 10 hours) - Overcome by nostalgia, I decided to pick this one up. I just really need my Shining Force fix, man. But Sonic, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, and Altered Beast just kind of sold it for me. Getting to try some other classic games like Shinobi, Sword of Vermillion, or the Genesis port of Virtua Fighter 2 have been fascinating, though. 
  • Pokemon Shield (Halfway - like 25+ hours) - This is probably the Pokemon I’ve been wanting to play for like the past 5 years. I’ve been super busy (also wanting to try some other games like ACIV) that I put this down for a bit, but I’m definitely hoping to beat it in the next couple of weeks and maybe (hopefully) write a blog post on it.
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Unfinished - 15+ hours) - I have such a love/hate relationship with Fire Emblem games - the most recent ones, especially. I’m kind of a min/maxer so I’m constantly trying to find the perfect path to take and it can become kind of a grind. I enjoyed this a lot though. 
  • Super Mario Maker 2 (did not finish the single-player mode - 20+ hours) - Loved the first one. The second one is still very good, but for whatever reason it hasn’t gripped me as tightly.  
  • Hollow Knight (Unfinished - 3+ hours) - I can definitely see why people hail Hollow Knight as a masterpiece or as the Dark Souls of Metroidvanias. I’ve seen how long this takes people to beat so I’m a little daunted by the length. I’ll probably continue to take this one slowly.  
  • Thimbleweed Park (Finished - 10 hours played) - I love Point n’ Click adventures, and I’m kind of sad it’s not as popular as it used to be. But I’m thankful for Thimbleweed Park, it was fascinatingly strange and funny, and I love exploring about. Kind of like Deadly Premonition but with a Monkey Island-flavoring. Thanks, Ron Gilbert. 
  • Moonlighter (Finished - 25 hours played) - A fun, fun roguelike that I was hooked on for a good 20-25 hours before it started feeling really repetitive. It’s kind of a shame that this concept wasn’t expanded on a bit further, but the 25-hour playtime worked out, because that’s about how long it took to finish. With beautiful pixel graphics, I really respect the work that was done by Digital Sun.
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Finished, technically? - 10+ hours) - So, the tutorial hour through the boat was not a fun time for me. It felt too simple and kind of lacking. But once I entered the castle - ohhhh, boy. That’s where the magic happens. A hell of a good time and definitely a contender for GOTY, in my opinion. 
  • Gears V (Finished - I think like 5+ hours?) - I decided to play this with my friend and it was certainly fun, though buggier than I would like. This was the first official Gears game I actually played, and I’m honestly glad I did. Funny story - I literally was passing out at one point while we were playing late into the night and so we decided to get back to it later. Turns out, we only needed to play for 15 minutes the next day because I passed out during the last boss fight. Good job, me. 
  • Final Fantasy XIV (Finished again, but not the expansions - whatever 5+ days of playtime is - 120+ hours) - I joined some friends in a different server and ended up replaying the entire A Realm Reborn campaign for the second time (basically another 5 days worth of playtime) because I didn’t want to shell out $18 to transfer my character. Was it still worth? Yes. Also, Fenrir is king and I am proud to own one finally after earning 1 million MGP in the Saucer. 
  • Tekken 7 (Finished - 16 hours) - I’m normally not a fighting game type of guy, but one of my friends said this one came highly recommended. Was he right? Heck, yeah. The last Tekken I played was 5 on the PS2, so this one was super, super entertaining to play. Julia is my favorite character to play. 
  • Soul Calibur VI (Finished, technically? - 4 hours) - I had replayed the original Soul Calibur the year before with some friends, and it really stuck with me just how fun the original title was. Soul Calibur VI went on sale and I picked it up - it looks great, and as a re-do of sorts of the original, it was still great in a lot of ways. But...is it weird that I just really enjoyed the simplicity of the original more? 
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Finished - 38 hours) - I got into the Danganronpa series during the summer of 2018, and the entertaining stories and characters are what really kept me going. This game definitely felt like the developers had hit their stride, and were confident in their storytelling, which shows. While there are still a couple of things they could have improved on, this might have been the best story of all 3 main games. It definitely had the best ending of them all, in my opinion. 
  • WoW Classic (Unfinished - 30+ hours played) - Man, I really felt the 2004 power coming out of this one. Going from FFXIV to this was a slightly awkward transition. Fortunately, I’m not one of those people who can’t play older games because of the archaic graphics or gameplay, so it really wasn’t that bad an adjustment. I made a bet with my friends that I would hit level 25 in a week...that was a regrettable decision, to say the least. Especially when I decided to procrastinate and essentially made that week into 3 days...Man, I’m stupid. It was a fun time, though.  
  • Divinity: Original Sin II (Unfinished - 20+ hours) - I still haven’t gotten to Act 2. There’s so many dang things to do and I was stupid (or enthralled) enough to do 2 co-op runs with friends and one solo playthrough myself. And every time it’s been so dang fun to do something different in some way, shape or form. Also, Sebille is best girl. 
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn (Unfinished - 10+ hours) - If Dragon Age: Inquisition was the game that made me aware of how overwhelming open-world games are, Zero Dawn punctuated that feeling. I enjoyed the crap out of what I played, and I hope to finish it someday, but man, this is a lot of game. Not a bad thing, but maybe not necessarily for me (I say that, but one of my wishes is to complete The Witcher 3).  
  • Ring Fit Adventure (Unfinished - like 4 hours) - Yes, I got pooped.
  • Until Dawn (Unfinished - like 2 hours) - Yes, I got spooped. 
  • Team Sonic Racing (Unfinished - 3ish hours) - A really cool twist on the kart racing formula, although I sometimes I kinda played it more for the soundtrack than the gameplay. I think if the elements from All Stars Racing Transformed had been added to TSR, like transforming courses and vehicles, this would have been an incredible game and a Mario Kart competitor. This game feels right on the cusp of being something super special, but falls just short of the mark. 
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition (Finished - 180+ hours played but not in all of 2019 though) - A fine step up from the repetitive 60-hour slog that was Dragon Age II, but sadly did not reach the incredible heights of Dragon Age: Origins. I enjoyed the role-playing aspects but not the open-world aspects where a lot of what I did felt like it didn’t really matter. With Dragon Age 4 teased, I still hope the series can re-attain the magic of Origins (it’s showed familiar sparks so many times) but given the state of Bioware and the direction the series has gone in, I’m also wary. 
  • Spyro 2 ReIgnited (Finished - 10+ hours) - The game that got me back into the Spyro series after the first one kinda pushed me away. Had a beautiful time with this, and I’m certainly excited to play the third one at some point. 
  • Super Mario Party (Finished…? - 10+ hours) - I’m gonna put this down as one of the fun Mario Party Games - much better than 8, but not as good as the Gamecube titles I’ve played (4, 5, and 7). Happy that the kart-riding mechanic is gone but kinda sad that there’s only 4 boards and they’re super small. The new modes are enjoyable, though, and a novelty. 
  • Detroit: Become Human (Unfinished - 5+ hours) - David Cage games are weird, man. 
  • Sea of Thieves (Unfinished? - 10+ hours) - When I played the Sea of Thieves open beta in 2018, it felt so bare bones and basic. Coming back to it over a year later, though, and you see the progress - more plot, more quest variety, just more of everything. They fleshed out the game enough that it feels like what it should have been at launch. Thankfully, there’s still a faithful playerbase. It’s a good game, now, and I look forward to what other improvements are made in the future (especially with my friends). 
  • NBA 2K19 (Unfinished - 80+ hours) - I’ve become a big basketball fan the past couple of years, but I never really got into 2K until this year. I had 2K16 but let’s just say I was not on the same wavelength as Frequency Vibrations. 2K19’s story is much more interesting, and let me say, playing as a super tall center when you’re a super short fella is a ton of fun. I’m looking forward to come back to this and finishing my season up later this year. 15 games left until the playoffs, and hopefully I can finish this one with an NBA championship (and hopefully put this down for good).

Now that I finally finished this long list, it actually turned out to be a lot of gaming I got in, all things considered. I’m glad, but also realizing I should maybe take a step back and focus on some other stuff...but, games are going to be so good this year, you guys! FFVII Remake! Yakuza 7! Last of Us Part II!!! Like with the games I’ve played, I’m really glad I got so many different experiences this year. I’m really, really excited for 2020 and another decade of growth and experiences. Happy (belated) New Year!

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