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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #91 - Password: Prog Rock


Featuring Mega Man 3 and several prog rock bands.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

as continuation of the Mega Man month we return to Mega Man 3. And today's topic is a song that might be one of those people have heard most often while playing the game: The password / game over screen music:

I have found a solid number of prog rock songs that have a remarkable similar vibe to this song. The first one comes from the british prog rock band "Cressida" from 1970 and is called "Lights in My Mind":

The Raincoats - Life On The Line (1979):

Jun Togawa / Yapoos, ベビーラヴ (1984) (yeah, there just had to be a japanese on this list):

The Undertones - Jimmy Jimmy (1979):

Honorable mentions:

Elvis Costello - God's Comic (1989):

Squeeze - His House Her Home (1982):

Demon - Blackheath (1983):

For some reason there seems to be an accumulation inside 70s, 80s britrock. I wonder if it is based on a standard from that time?

On wednesday we have something that is not Mario!

Phil Out.

Update 07/06/2020:

Another interesting song in this matter: "Music Prince" by Mandy Morton from 1978:

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