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My Xbox Has Taught Me Melancholy

Well, work and intermittent errands cause me to miss last night�s WarCawks match. Sorry guys.

What I thought would turn out to be good news is receiving my replacement Rock Band guitar. I work to unpack the replacement and package up the broken guitar. Then I go do some homework. Then I go to bed.

I wake up. Decide maybe play a song or two in Rock Band to see if the guitar is in working form. Then maybe finally fire up Drake and the 99 Dragons for initial impressions.

Alas, it was not to be.

Seems my 360 is running into a E74 error. I�ll give support a call later today. So I have a guitar that may work on a machine that doesn�t work with another game that doesn�t have anything working right waiting in the wings.

Simply put
�Well� shits.�
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