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because I'm in love with them...

I just felt like making this stupid blog post because I am in a very hard love/hate relationship with Nintendo.

This is a screenshot from the newest installment of one of their biggest franchises.

It looks like n64 graphics! Now I am one of the last people you could call a graphics whore, I understand that graphics aren't very important, but come on! It's presentation at least! At least make it look nice if you aren't working with a million polygons. Also if you look at the pictures they posted for Hyrule Castle, the stage from Melee that is making a return, it's the exact same thing! A direct port! yet this is what they write "We’ve tried to create an exact replica, but there may be a few areas that differ from the last game. I hope you understand."
They didn't try to make an exact replica, it's the same damn thing! Update the textures at least, come on now.

I am totally bitching like a child. So I am going to stfu and go play Geometry Wars Galaxies on my DS. Then Vegas tomorrow for the Spike TV VGA's!

If anyone else feels my pain, it's safe to share it here. ::patpat::

Oh and btw, this song is damn amazing!
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