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(Smash Momohime/Kisuke Blueprints)



(Muramasa The Demon Blade)-(Momohime/Kisuke) There is no Samurai character in the game so they can be unique in that way I guess, they are from my favorite single player 2D beat em up I’ve 100% it twice. It’s a game nobody probably heard of but it’s an extremely underated gem they would fit nicely in Smash, long shot in terms of popularity but it’s happened before. To have a challenging experience play without using Whetstones your swords will break and you cannot spam (Secret Arts) since they deplete your blades Soul Power so you can’t block, damage is halved so you cannot cause opponents to flinch either when broken. Do not underestimate this games difficulty you can't heal fully at once there is a gauge you can't heal large amounts of health for free. I rather play as Momohime over Kisuke because her enemies and bosses are much harder Kisuke is literally just hack and slash Momohime has to actually avoid attacks or there is no opening Kisuke has better Secret Arts though I love (Gale). Basically Momohime is Defensive Kisuke is Offensive in terms of their (Secret Arts). My favorite setup is Misty Slash, Universe and Gale with the relic that sets all Katana attack power to 700.

There are 108 different swords with probably 60 different Secret Arts that can be Special Moves you can easily make an entire move set out of them I say 60 because some have levels 2 and 3 of the same move but more powerful versions they should just be charged for the more powerful versions. This is a combo character they can use combination attacks on the ground and air Bayonetta stole many of their moves which I explained in the (Character Balancing) section they look almost identical and they both can use the same Katana and (Secret Arts) once you beat the game with both of them so there is no reason to seperate them other than probably Height. Momohime is taller than Kisuke but I rather have 1 character with an echo then taking roster space with 2 identical characters they are 2 sides of the same coin. I don't know exactly how to make a stage for them or what their Logo should be.

Momohime should be the default Kisuke is the alternate. I just don’t like this guy that goes on a rampage because he committed a crime he doesn’t remember so there's a bounty on his head. Momohime wasn’t a fighter but she acquired skills on her forced journey all I’m gonna say about that. I currently use Momohime as a Mii Swordfighter. Songs I would recommend is Powerful Looking, Graceful Quiet, Brisk Winds and Losing Consciousness. That last one sounds humbly heroic.

They use 2 different Katana Short and Long Blades. Short Blades should be on your hip like Momohime holds hers it has very fast attack speed and Long Blades should be on your back shoulder like Kisuke holds his they have slow startup but once you start swinging it really starts ripping extremely fast attack speed and is stronger with more range than Short Blades. They only take out their Katana when attacking otherwise they leave it in their sheath since they will be switching between them and they are Samurai masters of the Quick Draw sword style not gun style the Medieval era was before guns existed anyway they should be able to draw each weapon fast.

Mostly Short Blades are Tapped moves Long Blades are Held moves Special Moves can use both. Like Meta Knight most Special Moves can be used for movement and recovery.






Defense is 90%, Attack is 80% Short Blade, 120% Long Blade, Base attack with Secret Arts is 100%. Speed is the same as Greninja's falling speed and jump height is the same as Pac-Man's. This is a rushdown Combo character but are floaty since they can glide through the air in their game so you can combo in the air longer has weak projectiles. They hit you alot but don't do alot of damage except for Smash Attacks they don't have alot of K.O confirms and they are Samurai cannot use Ninja tools. They deal damage in burst with alot of attacks that can string but not many multi hitting attacks. They can engage and escape quickly but struggle getting the K.O without a strong Counterattack they mostly rely on reads and they can break shields. But that's who Samurai are they deal alot of damage in burst and punish your mistakes hard yes you can rushdown but playing defensively can be very strong aswell.


<(Special Moves)> All of these are (Secret Arts). Personally I would use (Arc), (Gale), (Drawn Back Slash) and (Parry).



(Neutral)-(Sakuya)-(Short Blade) Slashes in an X pattern to send the slashes as a projectile in front Medium.


(Neutral 2)-(Arc)-(Short Blade) Sends a penetrating crescent slash forward that travels upwards slightly before returning like a boomerang Weak.


(Neutral 3)-(Earth Runner)-(Long Blade) Charges before doing an upwards slash before releasing a shockwave of flames across the ground they change color, travel further, taller and deals more damage based on charge. Should look like Cloud's (Blade Beam) but only travels off stage fully charged which is 3 seconds. Using it earlier can travel down a ledge or up a wall this is a bonus didn't in the actual game but sounds like it would. Anyways Weak/Strong cannot penetrate fully charged causes an explosion.



(Side)-(Running Slash)-(Short Blade) Like (Fox Phantasm) but angled upwards slightly pops foes up on hit at the center of it and only on hit can be used up to 3 times in a row the 3rd strike has increased knockback Weak/Medium. This is your aerial combo finisher in the game you could go very high in the air with this and can be jumped out of for recovery.


(Side 2)-(Universe)-(Short Blade) Like (Running Slash) but gains no height multi hits before launching opponents upwards Strong/Medium. It’s more powerful and faster but can only be used once.


(Side 3)-(Gale)-(Long Blade) My favorite Secret Art from the game just rips through opponents. Should basically look like Mii Swordfighter's (Airborne Assault) but multi hits while carrying them before launching. Hit special again to attack and bounce off of foes and shields earlier Medium.



(Down)-(Parry)-(Short Blade) Just make this into a counterattack in the game it blocks and if you block at the start it reflects projectiles with a slash Medium.


(Down 2)-(Misty Slash)-(Short Blade) Another Counterattack creates 2 illusions that launch opponents upwards Strong/Medium cannot reflect Strong.


(Down 3)-(Log Chop)-(Long Blade) Takes a step back raising their Katana above to charge before lunging forward with a heavy swing downwards infront that is a shield breaker Strong/Powerful.



(Up)-(Dragonfly)-(Long Blade) This is a spin attack if you use it on the ground you can pop foes around you up to combo into the airborne multi hitting spin attack which knocks opponents away at the end kind of like (Spinning Kong) but has a leap. Can be extended for more damage and travels a very far distance horiontally by holding this when released it uses a finisher to launch the attack can only be held for up to 3 seconds. Only vulnerable from above or below if you miss this could be punished hard but deals high damage.


(Up 2)-(Drawn Back Slash)-(Long Blade) A shield breaker that can pounce on foes and be used for recovery. You use it by holding down while blocking in the game hard to pull off but shatters swords in 1 blow. Strong/Powerful you can charge this over 3 seconds to jump higher you can cancel the dive if you don’t hold the button down after releasing this move and jump out of it but only the dive can break shields and deals the most damage. Should act like Ike's (Aether) but travels in an arc can be angled for more horizontal movement foes hit at the start get carried through most of the move they never let go of their Katana either. Unlike one like Cloud's this is not safe has alot of cool down on landing but can K.O.


(Up 3)-(Nightglow)-(Long Blade) An uppercut slash goes very high but most powerful launching vertically at the start Strong/Medium. It's basically a beam or geyser of the night sky.



(Final Smash)-(Quick Draw)-(Mix) Become invincible for up to 5 seconds allowing you to hold your blade in it's sheath when you hit special again or after the 5 seconds you will strike the entire screen with extremely fast slashes to launch all opponents vertically Strong breaks shields in 1 hit. It's like Lyndis' Assist Trophy but as a Final Smash.


(Final Smash 2)-(Disturbance)-(Mix) Creates phantasms to create multiple slashes in an area of the stage like Pikachu's new one in Ultimate. Ones caught in the center are trapped receiving continuous damage while the slashes on the outside knock foes away. Foes caught inside receive a final Powerful blow which has alot of range in the direction you were facing when activated. This can be activated anywhere on the stage but unlike (Power Star) you are doing the attacks so you can't move around freely.


(Final Smash 3)-(Yasha)-(Mix) 50% increase for all stats plus super armor and halved damage taken for 15 seconds. Seek out and destroy everyone you meet your Katana is also infused in flames.



<(Ground Attacks)>


Dash: Does a quick downwards slash infront with a Short Blade Medium.


Held Dash: Uses (Hell Spinner) spinning to multi hit while moving forward before launching with a Long Blade Strong.


Neutral: Slashes twice in front in an x shape both slashes combo into eachother but are indivudual Short Blade Medium.


Held Neutral: Does a single spin attack with a Long Blade to launch foes on both sides Strong.


Side: Does their standard Short Blade 4 hit combo attack before using a downwards slash as a finisher Medium.


Held Side: Does a wide horizontal swing with a Long Blade Strong can be angled.


Up: Slashes in a crescent arc above to combo starts in front with a Short Blade Weak.


Held Up: Same move but stronger with a Long Blade with extra range but slower Strong.


Down: Does a diagonal slash in front combo starter with a Short Blade Weak.


Held Down: Slides forwards and does an upwards slash to launch opponents vertically with a Long Blade Strong.



<(Aerial Attacks)>


Neutral: Does a 360 front flip with their Short Blade to combo Medium/Weak.


Held Neutral: Does an airborne spin attack horizontally with a Long Blade Strong.


Front: Does their standard 4 hit combo in the air with a Short Blade with a front flip as a finisher. The first 3 hits on hit stall you airborne so you can finish the entire combo but is individual so you're not forced to complete the combo. Basically like Bayonetta's same move.


Held Front: Downwards slash with a Long Blade to launch Strong.


Back: Does 2 horizontal swings with a Long Blade Medium it's 2 instead of 4 so I don't think you need to stall on hit with this move should be able to combo into eachother. The standard combo finisher with a Long Blade.


Held Back: Same as Held Side but it's an upwards slash Strong.


Up: Slashes in a crescent arc above with a Short Blade Weak.


Held Up: Same as above but uses a Long Blade for more range and launching power Strong.


Down: Slashes in an arc like Marth's same move to spike Short Blade Medium.


Held Down: Descends downwards with a Short Blade can spike at the start.



<(Smash Attacks)>


Side: A quickdraw with a Short Blade is slow but has high launching power should work like Meta Knight's Powerful.


Up: Does a crescent arc and leaps above a little with a Long Blade has very wide range above Strong/Powerful. Basically their Up attack in the game from the ground.


Spins dragging the tip of your Long Blade across the ground once Strong/Powerful. I really had no idea what to use here honestly this felt like the only thing that would work unless I cloned Meta Knights again I guess this is like Shulk's.



<(Grabs and Throws)> All of these uses the Short Blade these need to be quick.


Grab and Pummel: Grabs them with 1 hand and shoves the hilt of their Katana into their Torso should deal 3% damage.


Front: Does an upwards swing to launch diagonally Medium.


Back: Crosses them up to launch backwards Medium.


Down: Drops them on the ground before performing a fatal blow through their torso deals high damage and can K.O Strong.


Up: Tosses them up then slashes them upwards Weak should be able to combo off of this.



<(Shield Pose and Dodges)>


Shield Pose: Guards like in the game overhead sword facing downwards.


Spot: Leans into the background.


Air: Spins to evade attacks.


Side: Rolls forward or backwards.



<(Finished)> Feedback is very appreciated I would like to know what people think of their Moveset I think I used the best (Secret Arts) that aren't to outrageous.


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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