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Hello (again)


Hi! I am making a re-introduction here. I used to go by the handle ICUP but have lost that account due to my deletion of my FB. That and I would rather not be associated with that person anyway. I did not contribute to this great community in any meaningful way during that time period and would like to apologize to all those I may have annoyed. Since that time I've always lurked on this site, never commenting, but always coming back. I truly do feel "at home" here even though I rarely wade into discussions. Now that is out of the way I can move onto game related stuff. My tastes in games are very "broish". Shooters are pretty much the only genre I play or pay attention too but, RPGs do get some love now again too. Generally I am behind the curve on the "new hotness". As of right now I am making my way through Arkanes excellent (so far) redention of Prey, and am also starting the Witcher 2. Old shooters such as Quake, DOOM, and FEAR (checkout Trepang2) are always in rotation. Outside of games I am a tech nerd, Linux lover and am a huge advocate for internet privacy (thus the deletion of my FB account). Many things have changed in personal life as well. I am no longer a resident of NY and am now living in KY (mostly due to cost of living) have a stable job working as an IT Tech and have put a roof over my familys head the RV story is long in the past now. From here on I look forward to commenting, and blogging instead of just lurking.

- May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house -George Carlin

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