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Mrs. Destructoid????


Hey DTOIDS some of you may know me as the Destructoid streamer on Twitch and some of you might have no idea that I even exist (mainly my fault.. sad pepehands). I know this community is wild and accepting of all so I just had to ask... Does Mr. Destructoid ever get lucky and if so does he have a girlfriend or a Mrs. Destructoid hiding in the shadows? I mean somebody must be oiling him up and lubing his rusty parts... Even Bender from Futurama had a girlfriend and he's made up of 40% zinc, 40% titanium lol... I face painted myself as Destructoid (I hope we did it justice) the next time around it will be better I promise. Dont be shy to tell me what you think (LOL I know you wont I already have a tissue box next to me!)... Do we even want to see what Mr. Destructoid's girlfriend would look like? Because I can make it happen LOL... (I hope my parents arent watching).

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