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CoD4 Headshot help

OK, I've reached top level. Now I get to play the game! But it feels like I'm fighting for nothing. Well, I guess I could unlock all of the paint jobs for my weapons. Namely the golden AK47. But in order to do that I need to unlock all of the paint jobs for all of the weapons in that category to get it.

The thing is, I rarely aim for the head. Why? Because there is a greater chance of missing. So I aim for the torso. Thats how I've always been doing it. Its a sure kill. Thats what I'm used to and now I'm trying to get un-used to it. I figured I would use one weapon at a time. The good old fashioned M16. I've unlocked everything for it.

But what sight should I use to take off those heads? I figured the ACOG scope would help but I hate it. The red dot reflex scope isn't bad. I've had a lot of luck with just the iron-sights.

What are some tips to splatter those brains? What do you use? Flash bang a room and execute? Or just luck?

I've been doing WAY worse since I've been just trying to take head shots.

Any advice will do.

I thought instead of going prestige like everybody else, I would unlock all of the golden weapons.
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