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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #83 - Rockman Tonight


Featuring Mega Man 2, Yngwie Malmsteen and others.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

now that Mega Man 1 has been finished for the time being we continue without pause with the sequel which was released merely one year later after a troubled development process (December 1988) and is today remembered as the one that created the franchises lasting popularity. Instead of having a static titles screen without sound it now features a fully animated introduction cutscene with a badass metal/rock soundtrack in the background to get you in the right mood:

The first part of the music is basically a remix of the ending theme of the last game (or is  it? ) which became kind of a tradition in the franchise. For that I can offer for comparison the backing track of the song "Sunday Morning" by the american rock band "Velvet Underground" (1967):

Btw there are some other songs that feature stuff similar to parts of the intro, like the song "Rosa de Hiroshima" by brazilian band Secos y Molhados (1973):

Or Canadian band "The Raes" and their song "Don't turn around" (1973):

Yeah it seems its kind of a 60s/70s thing.

For the main part of the intro from 0:43, I suggest having a look at the beginning of Yngwie Malmsteens "Heaven Tonight" which was released shortly before the development of Mega Man 2 began (april 1988):

From next week I'll be on vacation till around mid january. It will be classic entries until then. Another wednesday entry to round of christmas though.

Phil out.

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