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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #82 - Boy An Tow


Featuring Wonder Boy 3 - The Dragons's Trap and Shirley Collins And The Albion Country Band.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

today's topic is another Sega entry and again one of the more famous games in form of the well known Master System classic "Wonderboy 3 - The Dragon's Trap" (1989). It is the second sequel to the platforming game Wonderboy (1986) and the first to the subseries "Monster World". In it, Wonderboy has to face the consequences of defeating the devious Mecha Dragon in the previous game when he posthumously curses him to walk the earth as a Lizard Man. He has to defeat five more dragons to obtain the Salamander Cross to turn himself back. The game was popular enough to spawn a remake for multi-platform in 2017. 

The song we have a look at today is one you hear repeatedly throughout the game as it plays in the central town, where your journeys into the different branches of the world map start and is, appropriately, named "Monster Town":

My current theory is, that this song has been inspired by english country music. The thought came to me when I heard Shirley Collins And The Albion Country Band version of the classical traditional english song "Hal-An-Tow" from 1971. The Collins song is faster than the Wonderboy song, so I suggest you use the Youtube functionality to make either one faster or slower respectively:

There are more Monster World games after Wonder Boy 3, but for some reason everyone forgets about them. I wouldn't complain about them getting a remake someday too.

Phil out.

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