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Media Moments 2019: Pop Music


Pop this year was pretty fantastic. I can’t crown a winner. But here are a few you may not have heard of, and one you probably have.

Flamboyant“ by Dorian Electra

Dorian Electra is Flamboyant as shit. But underneath that, and also within that, he’s really, really smart. He’s done singles in the past about the history of high heels, control of feminine sexuality, and other things. On Flamboyant, he talks about being vulnerable in a relationship, being flamboyant, being a sugar daddy, and much more. And it’s all catchy as hell. So, so catchy. Also, the line “You know I ain’t straight...but I’mma say it straight to you” is never not funny to me.


“Egowerk” by The Faint

Earlier this year, I would have said this was my album of the year. It’s certainly the best overall album I’ve heard from The Faint. If you don’t know The Faint, I would describe them as an industrial pop band with themes of depressed dissatisfaction with society. If you like this album, check out their back-catalog. “Dance Macabre” is the fan-favorite album.


Charli” is the best thing Charli XCX has ever done, and I should know

There was no way I wasn’t posting a Charli video this year. Not when her album this year was as good as it was. Not when Spotify Wrapped informed me that she was my Artist of the Decade. And certainly not when she’s tied to a fucking car like she’s in sexy-Final Fight or something. Enjoy!


Throw-Back to the 2000s with “Planet Y2K” by LIZ

LIZ is all about channeling a 90s-2000s bubblegum trance-pop sound. Planet Y2K’s got that in spades, with it’s syrupy-cheerful beats, and I find it a compelling sugar-rush for night driving. (I straight-up assumed that this song was a cover/remix of something and looked for an original. It’s not. It’s from her in 2018.)


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