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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #81 - Mega Cleanup


Featuring Mega Man 1 and several.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

as a way of finishing Mega Man 1 for now I would like to use this entry to introduce the current state of research regarding the remaining songs of the game:

1) Bomb Man

I think this is 60s psychedelic soul music based on several similar (but not perfect) songs from the era I have heard:

Stevie Wonder - UPtight (1965):

Iron Butterfly - Most Anything You Want (1968):

2) Ice Man

I also vote for 60s psychedelic soul due to the similar vibes, but I cannot produce a good enough sample for now.

3) Ending

This one is remixed in Mega Man 2s opening. This will be addressed in a future entry, so I will handle it there.

4) Wily Stage 2

This is a rather tough one, as it is made up of fairly simplicistic components. I shall present to you what I have:

The part at 0:00 is a synth version of an ascending scale that is present in many jazz songs, albeit usually faster. 

Duke Ellington, Exposition Swing (1939):

Although the rock genre also had its fair share:

Specimens - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (1983):

Fun fact: I think the beginning of the Megaman 7 Wily might be the same scale.


For the second part starting at 0:15, all kinds of songs from jazz and rock can be found:

Herbie Hancock - Gentle Thoughts (1976):

Hatfield and the North, John Wayne Socks Psychology On The Jaw (1975):

Spandau Ballet - Coffee Club (1982):

T-Square - Hit And Run (1986):

Given a certain other classic finding I suppose this is the most likely source for the sample.


This is all I can say about Mega Man 1 for now. Time to move on for Mega Man 2! (yes, I admit, this 'month' will not exactly be a month) ;) ).

Phil out.

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