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Media Moments 2019: Music in Video Games


Greetings! This year, I plan to take my time. I want to take a leisurely stroll through 2019’s year-in-review blogs. But this one? I can do this right now. Let’s talk game music.

If there’s any kind of winner for music this year, it’s Sayonara Wild Hearts
I mean, it’s an interactive pop album. The music is integral to the experience, and it’s quite an experience. I debated whether to post a video of the level or just the song, but the game is $13 full-price and the music can stand by itself. My compliments to Daniel Olsén, Jonathan Eng, and Linnea Olsson.


Best Main Title Theme: Daemon X Machina
It’s just so epic and inspiring. It sounds like a theme for Superman.
Composers: Junichi Nakatsuru, Rio Hamamoto


Here’s another theme that wormed it’s way into my head: The Surge 2
This plays at the main menu and on the pause screen. It really classes up the joint.  I love how it’s epic and heroic, but it’s built on crunchy electronics and a sci-fi whine.  It’s a bedraggled cyborg hero theme. Composer: Markus Schmidt


I didn’t forget the maze from Control, either
Not to spoil anything, but Control has this moment near the end where they just pull out all the stops and give you an extended action gauntlet like a scene from John Wick. A genuine action-movie moment. And they bust-out a rock song from “Old Gods of Asgard” (Poets of the Fall) for it.


We need to talk about “BB’s Theme” from Death Stranding
I mean, it’d be downright irresponsible to not mention BB’s Theme. It’s Final Fantasy 7 levels of emotional and epic for me. This was a game that really pushed me and seemingly trolled me to the limit. I screamed at this game. But I’m so glad I saw it through. Kojima tells one hell of a story. Artists: Ludvig Forssell, Jenny Plant

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