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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #77 - Journey's End


Featuring Mega Man 1, Journey and others.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

the article you witness today might be one of those that have been the longest in preparation as it takes input from allmost the full timespan I have been collecting game/pop music samples. It revisits the almost classic comparison between the theme of Megaman 1s Elec Man Stage (1987) and the song "Faithfully" by the band Journey (1983):

Of course with R.E.M.s "All The Right Friends" (1983) as a strong contender.

The central component of the argument is the eponymous four-note jingle (*DUD) that is repeated throughout the song.

Eventually the composer, Manami Matsuae, stepped forward and declared that she didn't think of the Journey song when she wrote the music.

You see, I have heard a very large amount of music in the last two years from several decades from rock over disco to jazz. And considering all the stuff that has crossed my way I can only come to one conclusion: I have no idea why anyone thinks this jingle was invented by Journey or used by them most prominently. I will split my answer in two sections for a better overview:

1) There are many bands that use said jingle or a derivative of it

Bruce Springsteen - Brilliant Disguise (1987)

Shy - Strangers in Town (1985)

Gary Brooker Mr Blue Day (1985)

Bon Jovi - She Don't know me (1984):


2) There are many bands BEFORE JOURNEY that use said jingle or a derivative of it

UFO - Letting Go (1980)

Cheap Trick - Way of the world (1979)

Stomu Yamashita Winner Looser (1976) 

Tomm Bolin People, People (1975)

Chicken Shack - Maudie (1970)

Note: I had to trim down this list significantly. All in all you could say that since at least the 70s there has been almost once a year a song that uses that jingle or something similar. If you couldn't put the matter to rest after Matsumae gave that interview, hopefully now you can.

Phil Out

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